Skopos is a leading provider of an extensive range of high quality wallcoverings and exquisite designer wallpapers for all types of residential and contract settings across Canada.

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Stunning Wallpaper For Your Walls: Elevate Your Home with Captivating Designs

Wallcoverings have always been a timeless and elegant way to enhance the beauty and ambience of any design scheme. Our captivating and stylish array of designs, textures and patterns offer up wallpaper for your walls that will add character and level up the aesthetics of your spaces.

The Benefits of Choosing Wallpapers for Your Walls

Wallcoverings have recently experienced quite a resurgence in popularity – and with good reason. Let’s consider some of the benefits of choosing wallpapers for your walls:
  • Unmatched Aesthetics: Wallpapers offer an endless array of textures, patterns, styles, colors. You can find – or create – a wallpaper for any stylistic or functional need imaginable. Whether it is traditional florals for a serene sanctuary, timeless textures for a luxurious finish, or geometric and abstract designs for a contemporary interior, there is truly a wallpaper out there for every style or aesthetic sensibility.  
  • Ease of Application: Wallpapers are relatively quick and easy to install, which saves you both effort and time. Do you want to switch things up? Not a problem. Wallpapers also have a very simple removal and replacement process.  
  • Hiding Imperfections: Unlike paint, wallpapers are very effective in concealing small imperfections in wall surfaces. The right wallpaper, if installed properly, allows us to create truly seamless and flawless masterpieces on any wall surface. 
  • Durability: Skopos is known for high quality wallpapers. What does this mean? Our wallpapers are extremely durable and able to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your wallpapers last for many years if that’s what their intended use is in your application. 

Choosing The Perfect Wallpapers for Your Walls

Selecting the right wallpaper for your walls can be an exciting yet daunting part of the design process. Given that sheer number of options out there – including bespoke wallcovering services – it is crucial to consider a few key factors in making the right selection for your specific design project.  Some factors to consider:
  • Size of The Space: It is often a best practice to opt for lighter color palettes or lengthening patterns in smaller spaces, which can help you create the illusion of space and size. Alternatively, a darker palette can add warmth and coziness to a more expensive room. 
  • Design & Pattern: Consider your design vision, including the furnishings and decor you want to feature in the space. Your chosen wallcoverings should complement the design story and color theme of your overall project. 
  • Textures Can Matter: Textured wallpapers are a great way to hide any small imperfections your walls may have. Textures are also a great way to add depth, dimension and character. They are a surefire way to create a luxurious and visually-stunning atmosphere in any space. 
  • Wallpaper Print Quality: Always go for high quality wallpapers, especially if you opt for a digital or bespoke print. Clear and vivid wallpaper designs will instantly capture attention. 

Transforming Your Space with Wallpapers

Wallpapers have the unique ability to transform any space, helping to bring maxing impact to the once bland and boring walls. Some of the creative ways in which you can utilize wallpapers include:
  • Statement/Feature Walls: You may consider using a bold or visually-stunning wallpaper to adorn a single wall, creating a stunning focal point. A statement wall can instantly add drama, interest and personality to any space. 
  • Statement Ceilings: Consider applying wallpaper to your ceilings for a truly unique and transformative effect. A statement ceiling is a great way to create a memorable experience and delight anyone who enters the space. 
  • Wallpaper Panelling & Borders: Bordering and paneling with wallpaper is an excellent way to add touches of elegance to any space– especially hallways and entryways. 
  • Mixing & Matching Patterns: Consider mixing and matching different patterns and textures  to create truly unique finishes for any scheme.

Why Choose Skopos Homes?

Choosing wallpaper for your walls is a surefire way to add charm, character and individually to any design project.  Skopos Homes’ extensive array of designs, ease of application, and long-lasting qualities helps our wallcoverings earn their place as a top-notch luxury solution. Simply peruse our vast library of designs to choose wallcoverings that best align with your aesthetic style, functional needs and stylistic preferences. Whether you are looking to make a striking statement, exude understated elegance or utilize luxury textures, our high quality wallcoverings are the right design solutions for any project.  Skopos Homes can help you transform your walls into stunning canvases and artistic masterpieces.