Two Colour Combinations For Bedroom Wall


Two Colour Combinations For Bedroom Wall

The latest interior design trend, one that we are sure to see everywhere in 2022, is two colour wall combinations.

One of the most interesting settings we are seeing this trend pop up is in the bedroom, a space where people can truly be themselves and pour out their personality. You can achieve the perfect two colour combination bedroom walls in many ways from utilizing multiple paint colours in creative new ways to combining wallpapers and paint in a way that is truly unique to you.

Bedroom Wall

Square, DA23252

We believe a mix-and-match of wallpapers and paints is the perfect way to go about adding interest and a touch of character to any design scheme. With their variety of patterns, designs and colours, wallpapers provide endless opportunities for uniqueness and design schemes that few can imitate.

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls: 

You can do Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls in many ways. Square, for example, is a great choice of Bedroom wallpaper with its statement 3D diamond motif and elegant tones, which complement the royal blue paint of the molding boxes. Here, this Daimon design and paint work together in a way that not only makes a statement but also temper the intensity of the wallpaper design and achieve an air of sophistication. 

Combination for Bedroom Walls

Suitcase Stripe, ET12492

bedroom Wallpapers themselves are also a great way to add depth to or highlight specific features in your space. If you want to highlight a specific area, one way to do so is to use some Two Colour Combination of wallpaper and paint. This a the preferable and more economical alternative to employing expensive architectural details like molding boxes or wainscotting, If you wish to highlight the height of a particular wall surface or nook, for instance, you may consider a two colour combination of a plain wallpaper or paint colour and a bolder striped statement bedroom wallpaper, such as Suitcase Stripe

Combination for Bedroom Wall

Carmel, 13069

Carmel, from the exclusive Ted Baker London range, is another design that serves effectively in terms of this issue of aesthetic and functionality. Depicting a statement ‘bamboo at dusk’ design, this Eden wallpaper turns any bedroom into a heavenly retreat, transporting us away to wondrous tropical settings from the comforts of our own homes. Moreover, Carmel’s two-toned vertical silhouettes are an ultra functional way to add height and depth to your bedroom walls – without the need for permanent structural changes. It is a versatile design element that works on both feature walls and on an all over basis. 

Lastly, and most importantly, two colour combinations on your bedroom walls are a creative way to add cohesion to the space. Often, these two design concepts go hand-in-hand. Adding a creative element to the room, before you have a design scheme or aesthetic in mind, you run the risk of cluttering up a space and creating an atmosphere that does not match what you envisioned. You need the perfect blend of design elements to add both character and structure to your bedroom. As such, aesthetically similar two colour combination wallpapers are a great way to find this direction. 

Delphine, 11737 & Foliage, 11761

Whether you are reinvigorating your room with florals, creating a tropical paradise or building a heavenly retreat, there exists the perfect two colour combination of wallpapers to breathe new life to your bedroom walls.

Most, if not all, of our exclusive collections comprise of both boldly textured or patterned and corresponding plains. You may consider, for example, using the former element for a statement wall and the latter on an all over basis. Not only does this allow you to highlight and create movement towards the centerpiece, but it also brings the space together with one unifying aesthetic. 

Delphine, from the Cantari range, is one example of an eye-catching floral wallpaper that adds interest to a space whereas Foliage, its corresponding subtle leaf picks up on its lighter tones. Foliage helps to create movement towards the statement Delphine while, simultaneously, bringing a bedroom together into a revivifying design scheme.  

Similarly, our Carmen wallpaper is a great centerpiece for a heavenly retreat whereas Kabru, also from the Paradise collection, showcases a subtle abstract print. This two-toned wallpaper combination will bring your tropical bedroom setting together while tempering the intensity of the striking Peacocks of Paradise. 

Carmen, 10886 & Kabru, 10915

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