Faux Leather Fabrics

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Faux leather is perfectly suited to uses across a variety of contract interiors including, but not limited to, upholstery fabrics for hospitality and care interiors. Also referred to as artificial leather, these fabrics are produced with plastic bases that are further treated with wax. Skopos utilizes the best of these elements to create highly durable products that are waterproof, wipe-clean, and available with antimicrobial finishes. 

We never compromise on your vision and so we offer our faux leather in a wide range of upholstery fabrics from elephant-skin emboss to antique/aged and classic smooth & sophisticated finishes. Our faux leather fabrics push the boundary of colors and finishes to include neutral and vibrant shades and patterns to appeal to a wide array of contract designers and residential clients.  

Faux leather as a strong fabric - Original 

Faux leather is also known as artificial leather is now being used on a great level for a different upholstery and other commercial purposes. This is being produced by a plastic base that is further treated with wax. By using the best quality plastic and wax we made the best faux leather with high-quality usage.

We don’t compromise on your needs so provide a wide range of upholstery, home, office, and commercial usage with it. As the leather is water-resistant so this makes it widely used. Apart from this, we are now majoring in beautifying your fabrics to every extent. Available in different colors our faux leathers are now widely used.