Curtains and Drapes Fabrics

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Decorating your home can be fun and exciting! Window treatments are one relatively simple way in which you can completely revamp a room. Skopos is renowned as the one-stop shop for curtains, drapery, upholstery, and soft furnishing needs across the U.K. and Europe, and we are excited to finally be launching in Canada. 

Drapery and curtains are often considered to be synonymous. They are, however, as dissimilar as can be. Curtains are typically made from lighter fabrics that usually hang from curtain rods whereas drapery is made from thicker, exquisitely designed, panels that are lined to block out light. 

Selecting curtains and drapery can be tricky, especially with all the matching and contrasting elements that a great home design requires. This is where Skopos comes in -- we offer a luxurious range of both blackout or light filtering curtains and drapery as a part of our extensive range of design solutions. We are a full-service company that helps our clients in the selection, bespoke design, and installation of curtains and drapery fabrics in the best possible way to make sure that your design vision is achieved. 

We are on a mission to provide Outstanding Customer Care, with a team of design experts that have international and cross-sector experience working closely with architects, specifiers, and interior designers. We have been lauded for delivering large-scale projects to given timelines and budgets, largely due to the efforts of our customer care team. We always work closely with our customers to achieve their goals, whether we are creating a standard brand template or something truly extraordinary. 

We help make your vision a reality without compromising on design, quality, or customer service. 

Curtain and Drapes beautifying your home - Original

Decorating your home can be fun and exciting! Curtains can give your home or place a new makeover. Our curtain shop is renowned as the best go-to store for all of your home decors. We basically originated in Canada but our fame is now crossing the borders.

Usually, curtains and drapes are considered to be similar but they actually are not! Curtains hang from some rods whereas drapes are heavenly panels used to block light.

Shopping for curtains and drapes can be absolutely tiring, with all the matching enhancements that your home demands. We can help you in this regard. A delighted and beautiful collection of blackout curtains is also present in our extensive product list. We are known for installing these blackout curtains in a possible way to make your interior of the house blocked from all available light outside.

Not only this our company takes deep notice of your choices. Thus, maintaining a good customer care relationship.

We make your house beautiful without compromising on quality.