Antimicrobial Fabrics

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Now, more than ever, hygiene and safety are at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to design solutions across both commercial and residential settings. We understand the need for durable and long-lasting antibacterial fabrics and are proud to introduce Skopos Protect Plus, our new antimicrobial sub-range. 

Skopos Protect Plus offers a collection of woven as well as faux leather and vinyl upholstery fabrics that have undergone specialized antimicrobial treatments. The active ingredient in our woven fabrics’ treatment attracts bacterial microorganisms and punctures their cell walls, leaving them ineffective and harmless. This antimicrobial Protect-Plus treatment on our woven upholstery fabric has been tested against the Coronavirus strain and demonstrates a reduction of up to 94% of the virus, within 2 hours of contact, without cleaning.

The Silk Roads, Chamonix, Bonita Velvet, Moritz, and Cuba are just some of our woven antimicrobial fabrics that utilize this specialized treatment. Our waterproof and antimicrobial-treated faux leather and vinyls include the Bakau, Impact, Tama, Kiri, Hlako collections, which are largely geared towards high-risk care environments. These have also been tested against the strain and demonstrate a reduction of the virus beyond 97% after 2hrs. Certificates for these tests are available upon request. 

​​Ever since we began our journey in the early 1970s amongst the mills of Yorkshire, U.K, Skopos has been committed to the design, supply and provision of solutions with universal appeal through a combination of European design, outstanding customer service, and technical expertise.

 Antimicrobial Fabrics Clearing the Shores:

With everything that we consider to make our living better, our hygiene should be our first and most considered priority. Considering this fact, our company has introduced antimicrobial fabrics; these provide protection against unwanted microbes and bacteria that make us ill or aren’t appropriate for our health. Not only do they protect us from bacteria and microbes, but they also have a very pleasant and appealing odour that not only has a good effect on our physical health but also has an amazing effect on our mental health. For people who are depressive, this serves as a saviour and makes living better and amusing. We hold a great experience of providing our customers with the best antimicrobial fabrics. Based in Canada we are building the trust of our clients worldwide.