Introducing the Sleek & Modern Affinity Wallpaper Collection


Introducing the Sleek & Modern Affinity Wallpaper Collection

We are excited to start off Wallpaper Wednesday with modern Affinity, an all-new collection of wallcoverings inspired by sleek, 3D geometric shapes. This latest collection of vinyl non-woven wallcoverings redefines the word ‘wallpaper’ with its unique shapes and exquisite textures. 

Below, we are pleased to welcome 3D Blocks, 3D Waves, 3D Tube, 3D Patchwork, 3D Cushion, 3D Swirl, 3D Rhombus, Plains, and our avant-garde Affinity Mural to our ever-expanding range of wallpapers. Our range of products are suitable for all manner of contract and residential settings.

1. Affinity, 3D Blocks

Affinity, 3D Blocks

2. Affinity, 3D Waves 

Affinity, 3D Waves

3. Affinity, 3D Tube

Affinity, 3D Tube

4. Affinity, 3D Patchwork

Affinity, 3D Patchwork

5. Affinity, 3D Cushion

Affinity, 3D Cushion

6. Affinity, 3D Swirl

Affinity, 3D Swirl

7. Affinity, 3D Rhombus

Affinity, 3D Rhombus

8. Affinity, Plains

Affinity, Plains

9. Affinity, Mural

Affinity, Mural

Skopos provides high quality wallcoverings, exclusive residential wallpapers, and FR fabrics for contract and residential settings. We pride ourselves on exquisite European design, unique customizability and unmatched technical expertise.

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