Introducing the Splendorous Botanics Collection by Ted Baker London


Introducing the Splendorous Botanics Collection by Ted Baker London

It’s summertime, and we are excited to introduce you to 9 new floral wallpapers from Botanics, our fifth exclusive collection of Ted Baker wallpapers. Unique, refined and crafted in collaboration with Muraspec Wallcoverings, this collection is a contemporary interpretation of British floral drawings from deep within the Ted Baker London archives. 

Below, we discuss the details of these nine ornate and timeless floral wallpapers. These delightful re-imaginations are a nod to a new way of living, a sense of optimism. We truly feel reconnected with nature.


Euphoria is floral wallpaper that is characterized by the iris flower, a popular source of inspiration in the Victorian era and the bases for fleur-de-lis imagery. Part of the Botanics collection, this floral design uses a contemporary colour palette and matte finishes to reimagine a timelessly beautiful element of nature. 


Forager, from our new-in Botanics, is a twist on both tropical and floral wallpapers. Enticing layers of hand-painted palm leaves overlap each other in translucent tones, evoking the wonderful world of tropical climates, thriving greenery and life in abundance. This Ted Baker floral wallpaper is the perfect way to add a sweet welcoming touch to any design. 


Illusion, part of our fifth exclusive Ted Baker collection, is a floral wallpaper characterized by long vines wrapping and flowing across any residential setting. This passion flower design is a splendorous way to invite the outside in. 


True to its name, Magical captures the ‘changing of the seasons’ beautifully with ornate fallen petals. This captivating floral wallpaper conveys uniqueness and a nature inspired palette of colours through its intricately textured flower petals. 


The Botanics collection is characterized by new and interesting takes on floral wallpapers. Serenity is no exception. A soft pastel palette, and warming abstract florals offer home comforts inspired by the depths of nature. This floral wallpaper, drawing inspiration from gardens of the orient, has a gentle texture to echo the soothing nature of the print. 


Whisking you away to tropical gardens of wonder, this floral and botanical wallpaper is a celebration of life’s abundance. As flamingos bask in the giant canopy of palm leaves, bejewelled dragonflies glide from leaf to leaf across the Splendour wallpaper. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the swaying of the flowers, chirping of the birds of paradise, and glorious colours singing. 


This opulent and ornate floral wallpaper is inspired by the rich heritage of British interior design. Tranquility reimagines timeless hand-drawn botanical designs with brighter tones and seasonally inspired colors. This Botanics design serves up statement sophistication to any home or residential setting. 


Boasting uncultivated columns of colour, this Botanics floral wallpaper puts a walk through the garden under the magnifying glass. Conjuring up the world of nature, butterflies and flowers, Triumph is a dazzling take on the ‘bring the outside in’ trend as it is wild, glorious and unpredictable. Just as nature intended. 


Butterflies flutter in a kaleidoscope of colour and movement across an energetic yet tranquil scene, Unity evokes wonder, mystery and a sense of adventure. Tropical flora bring an exotic and intriguing depth to the background, and the floral wallpaper’s intricate shimmering mesh texture adds luxe and comfort. 

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