How to Remove Wallpaper in 4 Easy Steps


How to Remove Wallpaper in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to removing wallpaper, there are many reasons why you may want to do so. What you currently have on your walls. Maybe you are heading into a new chapter of your life, and want your design scheme to reflect that? Perhaps you have an older home, one with antiquated wallpaper, as many tend to have, and are ready to bring the space into the 21st century? Or it could be that you just want to hit refresh.

Whether you plan on painting, or re-papering with a trendy wallpaper design, you must first take down the existing wallpaper. Luckily, wallpaper removal is a relatively painless DIY project. It just requires a little patience and 4 easy steps!

Preparing for Wallpaper Removal 

Nowadays, wallcoverings are designed to be durable and washable and may require some prior preparation. First, and foremost, ensure that you have cleared and prepared the room for wallpaper removal. Whether you have strippable wallpaper, or one that needs scraping, you should start by removing any personal items from walls, repositioning furniture and covering your flooring to protect them from debris or residues. 

Typically, you also have to apply a mix of warm water and household detergent to completely remove any remaining bits. As such, you should also cut the power for the duration of your project for your own protection. You will also need to determine what tools are required for wallpaper removal. To complete this step, you first need to discern the type of wallpaper and thereby the removal process to employ.

Determine Wallpaper Type & Removal Process 

It is crucially important for you to determine what type of wallpaper you are working with – traditional (semi-permanent) or strippable. Traditional wallpaper, which is non self adhesive, can be removed using a combination of steaming and scraping. Remember that if you are working with drywall, be careful not to over soak it. Strippable wallpaper, on the hand, is designed for easy removal without tearing or steam. Even strippable wallpaper can leave small bits of residue. However, this surface residue is relatively easy to remove with a combination of warm water and household soap. 

Florals, EE22539

As most of our wallpapers fit the second category, we will be focusing on the removal process for strippable wallpaper. 

Let the Remove Wallpaper Begin!

Below, you’ll find some simple instructions for DIY wallpaper removal for strippable wallpaper. 

  1. Collect the necessary tools: 
  • Soap (Household Detergent)
  • Water
  • Rags
  • Stripping or Putty Knife. 
  1. Use your putty or stripping knife to loosen and remove one corner of the wallpaper and use your hands to pull it off. Try your best to stay as close to the wall as possible to avoid tearing the wallpaper. Repeat across the room. 
  2. With non-woven backing, you may sometimes witness some splitting or tearing in the wallpaper. Do not worry! Just remove as much as you can. You will be taking care of residue in the next step. 
  3. Clean the walls. You may notice some residue or bits of wallpaper left behind during the removal process. Simply clean these surfaces with mild soap and warm water to remove all residue. Allow the walls to dry.

Start Anew! 

Congrats! Now that your wallpaper removal process is complete, your wall surfaces are ready for their new beginnings. You may consider a variety of upgrades from bold two toned walls, to a fresh coat of neutral paint. Best of all, now you have the opportunity to trade-in the previous wallpapers and replace them with trendy new designs, patterns and colours.

Suitcase Strip Render
Suitcase Stripe, 12490

At Skopos, we offer a variety of trendy designs from Carmen to Lucia, Diva and Art Deco across many wallpaper collections. Notably, we have recently added exclusive designer wallpapers from Ted Baker London, including the Fantasia, Enchanted and Eden collections. You may decide to go with a bold and elegant overall design like Suitcase Stripe or perhaps apply a large mural from the Mirage collection to your feature wall, and paint the remaining walls with complimentary colours.

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Wilderness, 13000

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