How To Decorate A Large Wall: Best Wall Decor Ideas


How To Decorate A Large Wall: Best Wall Decor Ideas

One important consideration in bringing an interior design scheme together is your wall surfaces. Your chosen alternatives – whether paint, wallpaper, or artworks – can have a significant impact on the cost-effectiveness, longevity, and even functionality of your interiors.

There are, however, common misconceptions in both commercial and residential decor settings regarding wallpaper, amongst them being that it is too expensive. We aim to set the record straight by highlighting just some of the ways wallpapers prove to be not only practical and cost-effective, but also the most visually and aesthetically appealing large wall decor solution for any design scheme.

Why large wall decor?

The most significant benefit of using wallpapers as large wall decor is the sheer variety of designs, textures and colour ways they offer. We know that you need the perfect mix of colours, patterns and finishes to bring any room together and truly no other wall decor solution, large or small, offers such an extensive portfolio all-in-one. For any design scheme, there exists the perfect wallpaper just waiting to be found.

Firstly, wallpapers offer a considerable range of textures and patterns – all of which add character and interest to any design scheme in the form of wow-worthy accent walls or multi-wall applications. All of our wall decor solutions from Daimon to Essentials, Boheme, and exclusive designer wallpapers such as our Ted Baker Enchanted, Fantasia, Mirage, and Eden collections include rich designs from animal prints to nature-inspired murals and naturally occurring geometric shapes.

Our range of contract and digital prints are also available in a variety of textures from matte and pearlescent embossed designs to metallic finishes, suitable for any number of large-scale and single-wall design needs and aesthetic tastes.

Ted Baker Fantasia, Kingdom:

Kingdom, for instance, from Ted Baker Fantasia is printed onto tinted foil and embossed with horizontal silk textures giving it statement-ready metallic detailing. Alternatively, Mano from the same range relies on fibrous embossed geometrics in matte finishes that are perfect for a subtler accent wall decor application. 

Ted Baker Fantasia, Mano:

Wallpapers also provide designers with access to a much wider variety of colours and tones than they can source from paint or other wall decor solutions. Colour has, perhaps, the most significant impact on any space. As such, wallpapers are a serious contender for wall decor solutions as they provide ample variety to create the right aesthetic, atmosphere and functionality for any design scheme. In order to truly reap the benefits of wallpaper, however, it is first essential to consider the purpose – and thematic considerations – of any design project. In turn, you should be able to narrow down whether you are looking for a neutral, warmer or cooler palette. 

Blooming, Pastel Florals:

Are you envisioning a space for rest and relaxation? You may want to consider pastel or neutral colours such as the springtime inspired Pastel Floral from our Blooming range (pictured above). Or you may want to warm up a space with deep comforting tones from golds to maroons. Macaw, for example, is a playful Eden design that makes a fluttering return from the archives of Ted Baker London uses warm muted tones for toasty statement-ready wallpaper for any wall decor setting.

Ted Baker Eden, Macaw:

Durability is another major benefit if you decide to employ wallpapers as your wall decor solution of choice. High-quality wallcoverings, including our exclusive designs from Ted Baker, Muraspec and Essentials collections are carefully designed to resist peeling, scratching and other knocks. 

Ted Baker Eden, Treetops:

Not only do wallpapers protect wall surfaces, but they also retain their appearance over time. Unlike paint, they do not require any refresher coat maintenance. Wallpapers are surprisingly low maintenance and are economical and cost-effective long-term decor solutions for larger wall surfaces of residential and commercial settings. 

Cantari, Avril:

In addition to the above, our range of wallpapers – including Shangri La, Paradise, Campari and beyond, also include biocide additives for stain resistance and ease of cleaning. This further elongates their lifespan, yet another benefit of choosing wallpaper as your large wall decor solution. 

Ted Baker Eden, Leafit:

Lastly, but not least, wallpapers offer many practical benefits. One benefit is the drying time or lack thereof. Wallpapers, once installed, are available for immediate use. You can also use wallpapers to hide poor wall surfaces. Multi-coloured and textured designs, in fact, can help hide surface imperfections. Wallpaper is a quick and cost-effective large wall decor solution.

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