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Exquisite Designgn

Exquisite Designs & Vibrant Colors!

Skopos fabrics and wallpapers are renowned for their intricate designs, vibrant colors and high quality finishes. Our design solutions empower you to create any atmosphere you seek from serene tranquility to luxuriously warm and beyond. We design products that suit your creative vision and style. At Skopos, we offer an extensive range of contemporary, classic, floral, geometric and abstract wallpaper and fabric designs to choose from, in a wide array of colourways.

Unmatched Expertise in Fabrics and Soft Furnishings!

Skopos’ design team has supplied upholstery fabrics, printed drapery fabrics and faux leather design solutions for commercial and residential design projects for over half a century! We are experts in the world of fabrics and soft furnishings

Unmatched Expertise
Finest Wallpaper

Finest Wallpapers that Bring your Personal Touch to any Interior

Skopos Homes offers a beautiful collection of wallpapers comprised of an assortment of textures, patterns and colors that help inspire and create your envisioned atmosphere. We empower you to choose the perfect color palette – from soft to vibrant – and choose from a wide range of designs from contemporary to classic and beyond. Our quality wallpapers help you bring a personal touch to any interior space.