7 (More!) Elegant Black Wallpaper Designs For A Stylish Home


7 (More!) Elegant Black Wallpaper Designs For A Stylish Home

This year, we are looking to bring a bit more elegance and luxury to our homes. What is the number one way to add style to any interior design scheme? Add touches of black throughout your space. 

We have curated a selection of 7 (more!) elegant black wallpaper designs from both our in-house design team. Our wallpapers are sure to bring depth, luxury and elegance to your next design project. 

As you can see from our selection below, we offer various classic and modern European designs, patterns and finishes that are suitable to any number of aesthetic and functional needs. We even do bespoke – so if you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Let us know if any of these stylish black wallpaper designs inspire your next interior design project. 

Deco, Prismic

Deco Prismic Black Wallpaper Design

Prismic, 12086

This glamorous black wallpaper design truly reflects the ‘Streamline Moderne’ approach to Art Deco that our Deco range draws inspiration from. Prismic is characterized by rich contrasts, striking geometric shapes and precise lines.

Union, Insignia

Union Insignia Black Wallpaper Design

Insignia, 13261

A large chevron pattern over a rich textile etched background, Insignia is a black wallpaper design that is timeless in its applications and uses for contract and residential interiors. This versatile Union wallcovering is an elegant way to style your walls and create a bold visual impact.

Motifs, Nami

Motifs Nami Black Wallpaper Design

Nami, 11314

Nami brings together a vibrant and rich Eastern cultural ambience with patterns and textures from Nature and a sense of natural movement together in this captivating black wallpaper design. This stunning Motifs wallcovering delivers an energizing and revitalizing quality to all types of contract and residential interiors. 

Geo, Escher

Geo, Escher Black Wallpaper Design

Escher, 12001

Cubes descend into cubes to create this unforgettable black wallpaper design. Escher also features vibrant contrasting tones, which enhance the dramatic effect of this abstract print in any residential design scheme.

Good Vibes, DJ Graffity

Good Vibes, DJ Graffity Black Wallpaper Design

DJ Graffity, GV24226

Good Vibes is our imaginative and quirky collection of non woven designs. This stylish black wallpaper design, named DJ Graffity, is ideal for interior design projects that involve kids’ or  teens’ spaces. This range also includes other fun and creative wallpapers such as Aquarium, Safari, and Galaxy & Planets. 

Paradise, Laguna

Paradise Laguna Black Wallpaper Design

Laguna, 10897

Laguna is a truly Elysian gray & black wallpaper design that transports you to an island utopia with its tropical palette and rich pattern depiction of local sea life.

Paradise is characterized by illustrations of nature that have healing effects on the body and soul. Its blend of botanical and avifauna drawings, together with a palette of pastels add ethereal elements to any home interior design. 

Glamour, Bali

Glamour Bali Black Wallpaper Design

Bali, 10089

Bali is an elegant black wallpaper design that adds a feeling of grandeur to any interior design. This Glamour wallpaper achieves style and sophistication through an understated yet luxurious damask print. 

Affinity, Tube

Affinity Tube Black Wallpaper Design

Tube, AF24542

Tube is a sophisticated black wallpaper design inspired by the sleek and symmetrical nature of 3D geometric cylindrical shapes. This unique design is part of our newly launched Affinity range, which redefines wallcoverings with unique geometric shapes, abstract concepts and exquisite textures. 

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