Dry Erase


Most interior design solutions exist to help you unleash your creativity in one way or another. Dry erase wallpapers are one of those inventive solutions that can bring everyone into action. Manufactured with innovative non-porous materials, our whiteboard wallpapers can turn almost any wall surface into an artist's canvas across public and private settings from classrooms to playrooms. 

What is more? Due to the fact that they are functionally similar to whiteboards, dry erase wallpapers are inherently easy to clean. Simply write on & wipe off your wall surfaces to your heart’s content. 

With our recent launch in Canada, Skopos is now paving its way to becoming a one-stop-shop for innovative and functional design solutions, something it has already achieved across the U.K. and Europe. Skopos Canada is a brand you can trust. 

Dry erase wallpapers as a new supremacy - Original:

The house with kids can get marks on the walls very easily. We are here to relive this pain of yours with our dry-erase wallpapers. We are now proudly introducing our new dry erase wallpapers with the marks of crayon, ink, or any other thing that doesn't last and can be wiped out easily.

We call them the whiteboard wallpapers as the marks of ink are removed from there, it can be easily removed from the dry erase wallpapers. Isn’t it fantastic! No stress for your walls to get dirty with marks.

Also, they are very easy to remove. At times you want to change your wallpaper to give a new look to your environment, these easily removable wallpapers make this task easy for you.