Our mural wallpaper range from tropical inspired horizons to 3D abstracts, to iconic palm tree lined streets, seascapes and more. You will be in awe of what our wall murals have to offer. Take your home and contract interiors to the next level with wall murals from Affinity Mural, Boheme Mural, Blooming Mural, Daimon Mural, Good Vibes Mural, Tahiti Mural collections.

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$205 Per Double Roll

Blooming Murals

$575 Per Mural

$575 Per Mural

$205 Per Double Roll
$205 Per Double Roll
$205 Per Double Roll


$525 Per Mural

$525 Per Mural

$205 Per Double Roll
$205 Per Double Roll

Mural Wallpapers for Your Interiors

Are you looking for ways to add personality and creative touches to your home or contract interiors? Look no further than our stunning array of SkoposHomes Mural Wallpaper designs.  Gone are the days of plain, boring walls. Our beautiful and versatile range of mural wallpapers can transform any wall into a work of art – and enhance any space with character and ambience.                                

Bring Your Wall Surfaces to Life with Mural Wallpaper

SkoposHomes offers a wide range of visually-striking mural wallpapers that are a surefire way to ‘WOW!’ everyone who enters the room or space with beautiful and high quality surfaces. Our murals are designed and meticulously crafted in-house to add creative touches to your walls and transform them into captivating surfaces that leave lasting impressions.  

Enhancing Your Home Interiors with SkoposHomes’ Mural Wallpapers

Our mural wallpapers are ideal solutions for anyone who is looking to add one-of-a-touches to their home interiors. These designs feature a diverse array of themes from nature to landscapes, cityscapes, abstract statement art pieces, bohemian impression and more.   Whether you are creating a serene bedroom atmosphere, transporting your guests away to a tropical paradise, or adding a vibrant and inspiring energy to your workspace, our mural wallpapers offer endless options to help you achieve your desired results. The possibilities are truly endless.  

Transform your Offices & Workspaces with Mural Wallpaper

Productivity and morale often depends on the atmosphere of one’s work environment. A plain, uninteresting environment can actually dampen employee creativity and productivity. Luckily, with Skopos’ mural wallpapers you can transform any office or work environment in a positive way that helps employees realize their true potential. SkoposHomes’ stunning mural wallpapers can help you create any atmosphere imaginable from vibrant and energetic to bright and inspiring, depending on your company culture and brand identity.  We offer an extensive array of designs for you to choose from, ranging from sophisticated and professional to bold and contemporary. Our mural wallpapers can help you create design stories that not only reflects your brand image and identity but also motivates your employees and boosts morale and productivity. 

How to Choose the Right SkoposHomes Mural Wallpaper for You? 

Whether you are designing a home or office environment, selecting the ideal mural wallpapers for your space is a crucial step when it comes to achieving the desired look and feel in any design project.  Here, we have highlighted some important considerations when it comes to choosing the right SkoposHomes Mural Wallpaper for you: 
  • Theme: What is the overall mood or atmosphere you want to achieve in this space? In other words, does your project require tranquil and serene aesthetics or a bolder and more vibrant atmosphere?
  • Size of the Space: In selecting the right mural wallpaper for you, you may want to consider the size of your room and whether or not the mural will fit in the space. As with all wallpapers, some murals work better in larger spaces while others are more suitable for a smaller, more limited space.
  • Color Story: You must also take into account the existing (or desired) color palette of your interior project. The ideal solution for your space will be a mural wallpaper that is complementary to and/or beautifully contrasts with the other elements of your design. Mural wallpapers are not a stand-alone solution; they must fit in harmoniously within your larger design story to effectively transform your interiors.
  • Personal Taste: Ultimately, the best solution for your interiors will be a mural wallpaper that resonates with your personal style and preferences; or, in the case of office design, one that complements your brand identity and company culture. After all, your spaces should reflect your unique functionality needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

SkoposHomes Mural Wallpapers FAQs: 

How To: Install SkoposHomes Mural Wallpapers?

Congratulations! Now that you have specified and ordered your SkoposHomes mural wallpaper, the next step is installation. Not to worry! This is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the steps:
  • Prepare Your Walls: As with any wallpaper installation process, you must ensure that your wall surfaces are smooth, clean and free of any imperfections. Some simple maintenance may be required during this step, including removing any existing wallpapers that may predate the current project.
  • Measure & Cut: One of the most important steps of the installation process is measuring the dimensions of your wallpapers and cutting your mural wallpapers to size, accordingly. Remember to measure twice, and leave a few inches of excess product on all sizes for subsequent trimming as needed.
  • Apply Adhesive: You have finally arrived at the application stage! Apply your chosen adhesive to the back of the product or directly onto the wall surface, following the instructions included with your chosen mural wallpaper.
  • Align & Smooth: A crucial step! Align your mural wallpaper meticulously with the top of your chosen wall surface. Gradually smooth the product down, carefully eliminating any air bubbles or imperfections you experience on the way.
  • Trim the Excess: Use a wallpaper cutter to trim the excess bits of wallpaper from the Measure & Cut step, making precise cuts along the wall surface edges.
  • The Final Touch: Use a damp sponge to ensure a clean finish by wiping away any excess adhesive.

How To: Remove SkoposHomes Mural Wallpapers?

Looking to change things up? Not a problem. We can easily remove our murals wallpaper without causing any damage to the surfaces below.  SkoposHomes’ wallpapers are designed to be very easy to install and remove or replace. Below, we highlight the steps for a simple and effective removal of our wallpapers: 
  • Start from the Edge: Find a corner or edge that you can easily grasp and start to peel the wallpaper away from the wall surface. You can use a putty knife – or simply your fingers – for this step.
  • Peel Away: Carefully, and meticulously, peel the wallpaper mural slowly away from the wall surface. Make sure you do not rush this process or peel away too harshly; this will help you minimize residue.
  • Apply Heat (If Necessary): If the wallpaper does not peel easily, you can use steam or another form of low heath to warm the adhesive and make removal easier.
  • Remove & Clean: Remove the wallpaper, making sure to clean the exposed wall surface with warm soapy water to remove any remaining adhesive or other residue after.

Can You Customize Mural Wallpapers?

Yes, SkoposHomes offers customization and bespoke printing services for all our wall solutions – including mural wallpapers.  You can choose to customize an existing print from our design library or provide us with your own high quality images or artworks, which we can then print as mural wallpapers that are completely unique and personalized to your specifications. Our highly skilled team of design experts will work closely with you to ensure that your artwork is perfectly translated onto the wallpaper surface. 

How durable are SkoposHomes’ Mural Wallpapers? 

SkoposHomes’ mural wallpapers are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure the solutions’ durability and longevity in any type of commercial or residential setting.  All our wallpapers are designed and produced to withstand the test of time when it comes to fading, peeling, damage and cleanliness. As long as proper care and maintenance is exercised, your mural wallpaper will surely maintain its appearance for many years to come. 

Can You Apply Mural Wallpapers in High Moisture Environments? 

Yes, murals wallpaper can be utilized in high moisture environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is recommended to choose solutions that are manufactured with materials that are specifically suited to such conditions. Before specification, it is very important to ensure that the materials of your chosen mural wallpaper are moisture resistant and can withstand the humidity of bathrooms, without compromising on quality and appearance, or peeling away from the wall surfaces. High quality vinyl wallpapers, the majority of SkoposHomes’ product offerings, are perfectly suitable for application in such environments. However, if you are unsure of the materials used in a particular wallpaper, and its suitability for a high moisture environment, then please consult one of our design experts. 

The Sustainability of Mural Wallpapers 

SkoposHomes is committed to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. Our mural wallpapers are designed and manufactured with only the most eco-friendly methods and materials available in the industry.  We prioritize using non-toxic materials in our manufacturing process, ensuring that our interior design solutions meet all required environmental and health & safety standards.  Likewise, our products are designed for long-lasting and heavy-duty usage, greatly reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement and thereby minimizing waste. 

Skopos’ Murals wallpaper

With their captivating designs and high quality materials, Skopos’ mural wallpapers offer endless possibilities for creativity and customizability.  Our solutions can transform any interior space and bring its wall surfaces to life with artistic touches that truly reflect the aesthetic style and unique sensibility of the brand, or customer, in question. Whether you are looking to create a serene bedroom sanctuary or an inspiring atmosphere in your offices and workspaces, Skopos Homes’ mural wallpapers offer endless possibilities for self-expression. Our customizable solutions elevate any design project and create lasting impressions that will leave everyone stunned and awe-inspired.