7 Types of Textured Wallpapers for Modern Walls

7 Types of Textured Wallpapers for Modern Walls

Textures are a subtle yet timeless way to add a touch of interest and personality to any interior design project. Every textured wallcovering from our textile silk look, to grasscloth, raw minerals and inky metallics has been heavily inspired by the most exciting trends in the world of wallpaper.

Below, we discuss some of our favourite types of textured wallpapers. Textured wallpapers help bring depth and character to any design project. We also spotlight some of our top nature-inspired, stone, concrete, iridescent, and silk texture contract wallcoverings, manufactured by our parent company Muraspec Wallcoverings. Muraspec is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of high quality commercial wallcoverings, residential wallpaper and even more design solutions. 

1. Striking Stone Textures

Union, Peru

A striking stone effect, our Peru wallcoverings stunningly juxtapose the smooth surfaces of a modern interior design. This textured contract wallpaper is a perfect statement piece for any hospitality, leisure or restaurant interior. 

Deco, Garbo

Inspired by the ‘Roaring 20s’, the lavish Garbo wallpaper takes textures to a new level of elegance, sophistication and luxury. Part of our Deco range, this ‘marble’ finish wallpaper uses lavish foils as a base before printing this intricate design in an array of colours.

2. Splendid Silk Textures

Union, Mulberry Silk 

Beautifully versatile, this silk textured wallcovering design brings style, sheen and panache to the world of wallpapers. Mulberry Silk has all the luxurious qualities one would expect of real silks, achieving a natural characteristic panelled effect, once installed, just like silk. With built-in antimicrobial protection, this wide width commercial wallcovering stands the test of time on looks and performance in all contract applications.

3. Mesmerizing Animal Skin Effects

Union, Zambezi

Zambezi, of Muraspec Wallcoverings, is known for its striking crocodile-skin texture effect. Inspired by the wildlife of the Zambezi River, the fourth longest river in Africa, this textured wallcovering i an unforgettable addition to any type of hospitality or leisure interior. 

Union Boa

A beautiful reptilian-inspired wallcovering. Boa’s snakeskin textures are a perfectly transformative, captivating and revivifying touch for any contract design project. 

Union Rhea

Rhea is an impeccable addition to our contemporary collection of textured wallpapers. It is an elegant ostrich-skin effect wallcoverings that is perfect for use across a variety of commercial settings.

4. Natural Textures 

Everglades, Everglades

Just-in, our Everglades textured wallpaper brings an intense level of depth and beauty to your design that few other wallcoverings can rival. Natural grasscloths, meticulously hand woven together at our U.K. facility, creates a truly luxurious solution. Perfect for any residential or contract setting.

Tahiti, Grasscloth

Grasscloth is part of Tahiti, our upcoming collection characterized by exotic nature-inspired elements. This textured wallpaper is defined by a varied yet effortlessly natural colour palette. The result? A uniquely luxurious and versatile wallpaper that is befitting of a wide array of contract or residential interiors.

5. Metallic Textured Effects

Platinum, Lava

Inspired by an oil and water technique, the Lava wallcovering combines an oversized foil print with subtly embossed textures for magnificent finishes. This Platinum showstopper, one of our most popular designs for the hospitality industry, is characterized by a lustrous palette that demonstrates just how spectacular yet intricate wallcoverings can be. 

Solaris, Flare

Flare is a richly textured and intricate wallcovering that is perfect for hiding any wall imperfections. Part of the Solaris range, this geometric design offers a shimmering effect that alters its appearance in different light settings. Muraspec has created something truly unique that leaves a lasting impression in any contract setting.

Decadence, Galaxy Stripe

Galaxy Stripe is a beautifully iridescent textured wallpaper; created using tinted pearl or metallic grounds with intermittent stripes of clear acrylic beads embellishing its surface. This Decadence design adds a touch of spaciousness and sparkle to any project.  

Glitter, Lustre 

Lustre is a glamorous set of textured wallcoverings that are embellished with shimmering glitter particles. This wallcovering emanates a uniquely iridescent effect. Our non-drop glitter collection can be used as it, or can be digitally overprinted for a truly unique wallcovering design specific to the needs of your contract or residential project.

6. Nature Inspired Textures 

Astoria, Bark

Bark is a textured wallcovering embossed with an ethereal tree-bark effect. Part of the Astoria range, this contract wallcovering is our parent company’s unique take  on the ‘bring outside in’ trend. This wallcovering is sure to add an elegant, relaxed and organic atmosphere to any hospitality or leisure setting. 

Astoria, Frond
Inspired by fern plant leaves, the Frond wallcovering is known for its delicately feathered textures embellishing its glossy vinyl surfaces. The resulting iridescent finish is sure to add an extra touch of opulence to this Astoria design.

7. Plaster Textures

Union, Plaster

The Plaster wallcovering is embossed with palpable plaster-like textures. It is a subtle way to introduce texture into any sleek and modern design project – and it looks beautiful in corridors and staircases. 

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