10 Modern Takes On Floral Wallpaper

10 Modern Takes On Floral Wallpaper

As we finally enter the much anticipated summer, we yearn to refresh our interiors with a much needed breath of fresh air. Unsurprisingly, nature inspired elements are the most versatile way to uplift and modernize, requiring only a few small but effective changes to any interior. One of the most popular, and easiest, ways to do so is to consider installing botanical and floral wallpapers. 

When it comes to floral wallpaper, you are no longer limited to only the vintage and classic florals of history. You can have any conceivable floral style; if you can imagine it, be it storytelling murals, vintage inspired botanical drawings or beautiful marriages of florals and abstract, it can be. Below, we highlight some modern takes on floral wallpapers that you can utilize in any imaginable interior.

Tropical Treasures 

1. Botanics, Forager by Ted Baker London

New to Skopos, Forager from our much anticipated Botanics collection is a twist on both tropical and floral wallpapers. Enticing layers of hand-painted palm leaves overlap each other in translucent tones, evoking the wonderful world of tropical climates, thriving greenery and life in abundance. This Ted Baker floral wallpaper is the perfect way to add a sweet welcoming touch to any space.

2. Enchanted, Hibiscus by Ted Baker London

Another beautiful tropical and floral wallpaper, Hibiscus, part of our Enchanted collection, is our most popular wallpaper. The timeless elements of this wallpaper draw on themes of tropical fauna and atmospheric jungle scenery. Showcasing a quintessentially Ted Baker aesthetic style, this floral wallpaper layers these elements of tropical wilderness to add depth and perspective to the wallpaper.

Reimagining Botanical Drawings

3. Shangri La, Naran

Inspired by botanical illustrations, the Shangri-La, Naran floral wallpaper depicts the valleys and mountains of Shangri La, its mythical namesake utopia. This collection brings to life the lost world through a series of wallpapers that are inspired by the flora and fauna that would have adorned its mystical gardens. 

4. Botanics, Euphoria by Ted Baker London

Euphoria, drawing on botanical imagery, is floral wallpaper that is characterized by the iris flower, a popular source of inspiration in the Victorian era and the bases for the fleur-de-lis imagery. Part of our upcoming Botanics collection, this floral design uses a contemporary colour palette and matte finishes and reimagine a timelessly beautiful element of nature. 

Marrying Design Styles 

5. Fantasia, Lost Garden Trellis by Ted Baker London

Lost Garden Trellis seamlessly blends flowers and hexagonal prints together to create a truly distinctive floral wallpaper. Inspired by a print from Ted Baker archives, this Fantasia wallpaper gives geometrics a vibrant and punchy makeover. 

6. Enchanted, Vanilla by Ted Baker London

Vanilla, from the Enchanted collection, is the perfect marriage of floral wallpapers and abstract elements. The organic repeat, an abstract blurred focus and a soft summer palette creates a truly ethereal design. Just sit back and enjoy its illusions.

Storytelling Murals Take You On A Journey

7. Mirage, Antiquity by Ted Baker London

No floral wallpapers could bring together antique stories and modern design better than the Antiquity mural from our Mirage collection. Characterized by layers of hand painted flowers, this Ted Baker wallpaper modernizes floral murals while shining a spotlight on the timeless designs that inspire it. A bouquet that will never fade. 

8. Mirage, Tulip Gardens by Ted Baker London

Tulip Gardens tells the story of Ulting Wick, the largest Tulip Garden in the U.K., in its multitude of different types of hand sketched tulips, from ‘Ballerina’ to ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Queen of the Night’. Part of the Mirage collection, this Ted Baker floral mural is defined by a pencil drawn texture finish, which creates a sense of peacefulness and serenity. 

Passion for Pastels 

9. Botanics, Serenity by Ted Baker London

New to our Ted Baker range, the Botanics collection is characterized by new and exciting twists on floral wallpapers. Serenity is no exception. A combination of soft pastels, and warming abstract florals, offer home comforts inspired by the depths of nature. This floral wallpaper draws inspiration from gardens of the orient, with a gentle texture that echos the soothing nature of the print. 

10. Essentials, Pastel Florals

Pastel Floral, from our PVC and Migration free Essentials range, is a floral wallpaper that lets us rest assured that we are designing our interiors with the most innovative and latest quality materials. Pastel Floral’s soft pastels, and intricately designed florals, are a beautifully composed focal point for any design scheme. 

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