9 Geometric Wallpaper To Instantly Elevate Your Interiors In 2023


9 Geometric Wallpaper To Instantly Elevate Your Interiors In 2023

Geometric wallpapers are a great way to personalize your home to your unique style. It is a diverse category that includes a wide array of designs from modern motifs such as herringbone, linear stylings and 3D shapes to classic and vintage patterns such as stripes, trellises, plaids.

Below, we have curated a list of energizing and vibrant geometric wallpapers from our in-house design team – including our contract vinyl wallcoverings. As you can see from our selection, we offer various classic and modern European designs, patterns and finishes that are suitable to any number of aesthetic and functional needs. We even do bespoke – so if you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Let us know if any of our dynamic and visually striking geometric wallpapers inspire your next project. 

Hexagon Geometric Wallpaper

Deco, Hexagon Geometric Wallpaper


Hexagon creates a sensuous, decadent feel. Non-intrusive, yet elegant, this geometric wallpaper is formed from a series of one shape or pattern together with a lavish foil background.

Our Deco collection is the epitome of luxury with its blend of elegant, nostalgic and contrasting prints and colourways, reminiscent of the Art Deco style. This glamorous range truly embodies the 1920s era with its array of striking geometric patterns and ‘Streamline Moderne’ inspired style. 

Tracks Geometric Wallpaper

Geo, Tracks Geometric Wallpaper


Tracks is a unique geometric wallpaper that is characterized by linear styling in one colour onto a foil background. This wallcovering provides a glamorous and tasteful look for a range of interiors.

If you’re looking for quality wallpapers with abstract patterns, our Geo collection might be the one for you. These truly unique wallcoverings showcase expressive graphics, striking colors and a perfectly abstract quality. 

Square Geometric Wallpaper

Boheme, Square Geometric Wallpaper


Square combines a trendy 3D diamond pattern with elegant colourways, paving a path to securing its place as a must-have geometric wallpaper in any space.

Tangent Geometric Wallpaper

Geo Tangent Geometric Wallpaper


Tangent is a unique design that turns Herringbone on its head, turning ordinary into extraordinary! This geometric wallpaper is simply coloured in a variety of solid, classic, and bold colourways.

Venn Geometric Wallpaper

Geo Venn Geometric Wallpaper


A measurement of force – Venn uses the weight of colour and the crossover of lines to create a unique stylized geometric wallpaper. We offer this intricate geometric wallpaper in complementary colour combinations.

3D Square Geometric Wallpaper

Daimon 3D Square Geometric Wallpaper


3D Square combines a trendy 3D geometric pattern with elegant colourways, paving a path to securing its place as a must-have geometric wallpaper in all types of home interiors. 

Squares Geometric Wallpaper

Blooming Squares Geometric Wallpaper


Squares brings together 3D rectangular shapes with neutral shades of beiges, grays and blues for a geometric wallpaper fit for modern interior design schemes. 

Blocks Geometric Wallpaper

Blooming, Blocks Geometric Wallpaper


Blocks showcases an interlocked geometric print in a palette of sophisticated colors. This elegant geometric wallpaper adds luxury and warmth to any interior design. 

Braid Geometric Wallpaper

Blooming Braid Geometric Wallpaper


Juxtaposing a timeless print with a vibrantly ‘sunny’ palette, our Braid geometric wallpaper is the perfect blend of order and optimism. It is the ideal statement-ready geometric wallpaper for any interior design. 

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