9 Bestselling Luxury Wallpapers for 2023


9 Bestselling Luxury Wallpapers for 2023

Skopos Canada is a leading provider of luxury wallpapers for all manner of residential and contract settings across Canada. 

Our wallcoverings are designed, manufactured and distributed by a talented network of designers and technicians, working closely together to ensure exquisite designs, vibrant colors, quality finishes and the highest safety, durability and hygienic standards. We have helped create the signature styles of many boutique and global brands across the Hospitality, Leisure, Education, Cruise Ship and Healthcare sectors. 

Together with our wide array of non-woven, contract and designer wallpapers, we offer our bespoke and digital printing services. You can source virtually any print, pattern, colourway or finish imaginable, or choose from our extensive library of readymade designs. If you can imagine it, we can create it. 

We have curated a selection of 9 of our most popular luxury wallpapers that will add character, interest and personality to any design scheme. 

Let us know if any of our wallpaper designs inspire your next project. 

Boheme, Art Deco

Boheme, Art Deco Luxury Wallpaper

Bringing us back to the Roaring 20s, this Art Deco era inspired luxury wallpaper showcases rounded silhouettes in a palette of glamorous colourways. This nostalgic vinyl wallcovering is sure to add elegance and glamor to any design scheme.

Boheme, Diva

Boheme, Diva Luxury Wallpaper

Diva is a luxury wallpaper design that transports us back in time with its kaleidoscopic palette and mid-century elements. This quality solution is characterized by vintage rounded shapes and an artistic psychedelic print.

Boheme, Labyrinth 

Boheme, Labyrinth Luxury Wallpaper

Incorporating various shades of the same neutral, vibrant and pastel colors, Labyrinth is an intricately detailed geometric wallpaper that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any interior design.   

Boheme, Meander 

Boheme, Meander Luxury Wallpaper

Inspired by structured forms and clean lines, our Meander design draws inspiration from a blend of modern architecture and labyrinths. This geometric wallpaper will add depth, character and luxury to your walls. 

Quirky and offbeat as ever, our Boheme range includes everything from nostalgic Art Deco wallpapers to wallpaper designs inspired by elements of glamor and luxury.. These include non-woven designs such as Labyrinth, Meander, Square and Plain Velvet.

Paradise, Carmen

Paradise Carmen Luxury Wallpaper

High definition drawings of elegant peacocks create a striking luxury wallpaper in an impactful palette of colors. Carmen will add an unmistakable feature wall to any space. 

Our Paradise collection showcases imagery and illustrations of nature that have healing effects on the body and soul. This range features a luxury blend of botanical and “graceful birds” inspired drawings in a palette of pastels and rich tones that add ethereal elements to any project. 

Blooming, Flower

Blooming, Flower Luxury Wallpaper

Flower is a luxury wallpaper characterized by a timeless yet ornate botanical print. This wallpaper is part of our awe-inspiring Blooming collection.

Blooming, Blocks

Blooming, Blocks Luxury Wallpaper

Blocks showcases an interlocked geometric wallpaper design that features luxury colors. It is the epitome of elegance with its intricate print and warming colourways. 

Among our most popular wallpaper collections, Blooming is adorned with a rich thicket of modern florals and botanical prints, as well as elegant designs that are inspired by naturally occurring phenomena. 

Daimon, Flower

Daimon, Flower Luxury Wallpaper

Flower is adorned with a thicket of flowers, within which nestles the graceful birds that bring this luxury wallpaper together.

Striking the perfect blend of trendy and timeless, our Daimon range features a selection of patterned and plain wallpapers that are must-haves for the most luxurious of interior design schemes. 

Shangri-La, Maui

Shangri-La, Maui Luxury Wallpaper

Our luxury Maui wallpaper depicts palm leaves and a palette of tropical colourways inspired by islands of the Pacific. Our Shangri-La range will allow you to create heavenly retreats of epic proportions. 

We offer a wide selection from both our in-house team, as well as our partner company Muraspec Wallcoverings.We are proud to bring Muraspec to the Canadian market. Skopos is responsible for sale & distribution of their extensive range of wallcoverings across Canada for contract & residential sectors.

Muraspec is an internationally renowned leader in the design industry, known for their high design content and performance wallcoverings. With a heritage dating back over 170 years, a distribution network spanning 60 countries, and a manufacturing facility in Kent, UK. 

Contact for more information on all of our high-end quality commercial and residential wallpapers & fabrics. 

Call us at 905-858-9995.

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