9 Exquisite Abstract Wallpapers That Make A Statement


9 Exquisite Abstract Wallpapers That Make A Statement

Abstract wallpapers are in trend this year. 

Are you part of the retro abstracts resurgence? Do you prefer the Art Deco elements of the ‘Gilded Age’? Or are you inspired by the grooviness and fun of the 70s era?

In the bustle of an increasingly busy metropolitan lifestyle everyone feels a bit of nostalgia for the abstract designs, vibrant colors and curved edges of the celebratory eras of the past. And, as always, Skopos’ abstract wallpapers are at the forefront of the latest (or in this case, timeless) trends in the world of interior design. 

Below, we have curated a list of ‘wow-factor’ and statement ready abstract wallpapers from our in-house design team – including our contract vinyl wallcoverings.  As you can see from our selection, we offer various classic and modern European designs, patterns and finishes that are suitable to any number of aesthetic and functional needs. We even do bespoke – so if you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Let us know if any of our unique abstract wallpapers inspire your next project. 

Boheme, Diva

Boheme Diva Abstract Wallpaper

DIVA, BO23020

Diva transports us back in time with its kaleidoscopic color palette and mid century elements. This 70s era inspired abstract wallpaper includes vintage rounded shapes and an artistically inspired psychedelic motif.

Boheme, Art Deco

Boheme Art Deco Abstract Wallpaper


Bringing us back to the Roaring 20s, this Art Deco era inspired abstract wallpaper showcases rounded silhouettes in an elegant palette of colourways. This nostalgic abstract design is sure to add a touch of ‘Gilded Era’ or ‘Golden Age’  glamor to any interior design. 

Ted Baker London, Serenity

Ted Baker London, Botanics, Serenity Abstract Wallpaper


The warming abstract flowers of our Serenity wallpaper offer home comforts with gentle textures inspired by the depths of nature. Characterized by organically flowing flowers, trailed by an echo of ever-shrinking dots, this soothing abstract wallpaper draws inspiration from gardens of the orient. 

Deco, Rivendell

Deco, Rivendell Abstract Wallpaper


Theatrical and full of Art Deco character, our Rivendell abstract wallpaper has a stepped patterned look that is reminiscent of 1920s architecture formed from long vertical lines and curved arches.

Asian, Nami Carp

Asian, Nami Carp, Abstract Wallpaper from Muraspec Contract Wallcoverings

NAMI CARP, 11310

Nami Carp brings together a vibrant and rich Eastern cultural ambience with patterns and textures from Nature and a sense of natural movement together in this captivating abstract wallpaper design. This stunning vinyl wallcovering delivers an energizing and revitalizing quality to all types of contract and residential interiors. 

Paradise, Pico

Paradise Pico Abstract Wallpaper

PICO, 10879

Pico is an understated abstract wallpaper that complements the more decorative and impactful designs of the Paradise collection. This unique wallpaper is a beautiful interpretation of the intricate details of wood bark. 

Affinity, Patchwork

Affinity Patchwork Abstract Wallpaper


Patchwork is a 70s-era inspired abstract wallpaper from our new-in Affinity collection. This latest vinyl wallcovering comes in an array of colourways, ranging from bright & bold to ambient & grayscale ensuring that this sleek design is a suitable centrepiece for all types of modern interiors.

Affinity, Swirl

Affinity Swirl Abstract Wallpaper

SWIRL, 24531

Swirl is the piece de resistance from our 3D abstracts and geometrics inspired Affinity wallpaper collection. This abstract wallpaper redefines wallcoverings with its truly unique abstract concepts and exquisitely textured designs. It is a suitable statement or all over solution for any modern design project. 

Boheme, Moire

Boheme Moire Abstract Wallpaper

MOIRE, BO23042

Moire is a beautifully abstract wallpaper that draws inspiration from its namesake silk fabric that has been subjected to heat to create a rippled water effect. This understated design is available in a variety of natural and organic tones. 

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