7 Bold & Stylish Red Wallpapers to Make Your Walls Pop


7 Bold & Stylish Red Wallpapers to Make Your Walls Pop

Red wallpapers are a great way to add a ‘pop’ of colour or ‘wow’ factor to your interior design. You have a wide array of designs to choose from such as florals, abstracts, iridescent & glossy finishes to tropicals and beyond. 

Below, we have curated a list of red wallpapers from our design team – including some of our unique contract vinyl wallcoverings. As you can see from our selection, we offer various classic and modern European designs, patterns and finishes that are suitable to any number of aesthetic and functional needs. We even do bespoke – so if you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Let us know if any of our trendy red wallpapers inspire your next project. 

Red Wallpaper #1: Cantari, Salome

Salome Red Wallpaper

Salome, 11724

Adorned with meandering Briar Roses, our stylish red Salome wallpaper showcases brightly coloured flower heads trailing beautifully across its peaceful countryside inspired surfaces. 

Our Cantari collection takes a modern approach to classic floral wallpaper. These wallpapers represents an honoured style akin to the Arts and Crafts Movement, drawing inspiration from nature with intricately drawn florals, exacting detail and introducing a bold palette. 

Red Wallpaper #2: Deco, Victoire

Victoire Red Wallpaper

Victoire, 12132 

Symmetrical and streamlined, Victoire is a timeless beauty. This bold red Art Deco wallpaper is tastefully coloured in elegant neutrals, sophisticated blues, rich reds and elegant greens. 

Our Deco range is the epitome of luxury with its blend of elegant, nostalgic and contrasting prints and colourways, reminiscent of the Art Deco style. This wallpaper truly embodies the 1920s era with its striking geometric pattern and ‘Streamline Moderne’ design. 

Red Wallpaper #3: Decadence, Umbria

Umbria Red Wallpaper

Umbria, 10249

A plain yet resplendent red wallpaper, the stunning Umbria design has metallic spun fibres that all capture the light thereby creating a rich lavish look. 

Our bold and stylish Decadence collection levels up timeless patterns such as stripes, geometrics, florals and beyond with metallic ground and elegant transparent acrylic embellishments.

Red Wallpaper #4: Decadence, Luxe Scroll

Luxe Scroll Red Wallpaper

Luxe Scroll, 10322

Luxe Scroll has a burnished metal effect that creates a ‘wow’ factor fit for any space. This iridescent red toned wallpaper boasts a timeless glossy design that is overlaid with a symmetrical all-over scrolling pattern. 

If you are looking for wallpapers with glamorous finishes, but are unwilling to give up classic designs and styles, the Decadence collection is the perfect marriage between the two types of styles.  

Red Wallpaper #5: Platinum, Lava

Lava Red Wallpaper

Lava, 11064

Inspired by an oil & water technique, this magnificent red Lava wallpaper combines an oversized foil print with subtle embossed textures for a bold design. This showstopper demonstrates just how spectacular yet intricate wallcoverings can be whether they are used in a residential interior or the world’s only 7* hotel. 

Red Wallpaper #6: Blooming, Flower

Blooming Flower Red Wallpaper

Flower, BL22743

Flower is an ornate yet timeless botanical and floral wallpaper, from our awe-inspiring collection. Adorned with rich thickets of modern floral & botanical elements, this red Blooming wallpaper showcases an ornate yet elegant design that is inspired by naturally occurring phenomenons. 

Red Wallpaper #7: Tahiti, Tropical Leaves

Tahiti Tropical Leaves Red Wallpaper

Tropical Leaves, 25053

Tropical Leaves draws inspiration from Tahiti’s exotic sandy beaches and lush greenery to create this unforgettable tropical red wallpaper. This statement-ready wallpaper showcases tropical leaves in shades of reds, greens, and browns to add a strong sense of perspective & a hand drawn quality. ⁠

⁠A range of wallpapers inspired by the islands of French Polynesia. The Tahiti collection is composed of delightful reimagining of the tropical leaves, black sandy beaches, and exotic wildlife of its namesake South Pacific Island. 

About Skopos Limited

Skopos Limited offers a wide range of wallcoverings that are defined by exquisite patterns, vibrant colors and high quality finishes. Our solutions empower you to create any designer atmosphere or design scheme from serene tranquility to ultimate luxury, as in the case of gold wallpaper. We offer a wide array of contemporary, classic, floral, geometric and abstract wallpapers. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of Ted Baker wallpapers and also offer digitally printing to help  you turn your artwork into bespoke wallcovering designs.

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