5 Unique Gold Wallpapers to Brighten Up Your Home In 2023


5 Unique Gold Wallpapers to Brighten Up Your Home In 2023

In 2023, we are looking to brighten our homes with the warmth and luxury of gold wallpaper. Gold, as we discuss further in this blog, is the perfect colour for you if you are looking to add everything from Art Deco glamor, to contemporary lustre to your home or boutique interiors. Gold wallpaper is one such way to achieve elements of timelessness and elegance in your interiors.

Below, we have curated a list of ornate and vibrant gold wallpapers from both our in-house design experts – including our vinyl and contract wallcoverings – and exclusive designer wallcoverings, which we created in collaboration with the quintessentially British lifestyle brand Ted Baker London. 

As you can see from our selection, we offer various classic and modern European designs, patterns and finishes that are suitable for any number of aesthetic and functional needs. We even do bespoke – so if you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Let us know if any of our elegant and glamorous gold wallpapers inspire your next design project. 

Deco, Gatsby

Gold Wallpaper - Deco, Gatsby

Gatsby, 12143

True to its namesake, the Gatsby wallpaper creates a glamorous atmosphere that transports you instantly to the roaring 1920’s with its gold geometric accents. Striking colors, unimaginable decadence and purposeful patterns all work together to achieve this stunning gold Art Deco wallpaper. 

Decadence, Luxe

Gold Wallpaper - Decadence, Luxe

Luxe, 10253

Luxe is a gold iridescent wallpaper characterized by a unique resplendent finish that produces a visually stunning effect. It perfectly embodies our ‘Decadence’ collection with its burnished metallic surface elements and metallic spun fibres, both of which capture the light to create a rich, lavish look. 

Ted Baker London, Macaw

Gold Wallpaper - Ted Baker London Designer, Eden, Macaw

Macaw, 13088

Conjuring the vibrancy and optimism at the heart of Ted Baker, the fluttering Macaw is unusual in the most playful and elegant way imaginable. This wallpaper combines hand drawn and etched elements, combined with foliage, florals and muted tones for a splendid wallcovering that makes a statement in any interior design.

Macaw, in gold, is a wallpaper that is part of our third Ted Baker collection – Eden. This collection features exclusive designs inspired by tropical settings that awaken the imagination to adventure and faraway travel. It encapsulates everything from tranquility and calmness to vibrant patterns and luxe colors. 

Ted Baker London, Hexie

Gold Wallpaper - Ted Baker London Designer, Fantasia, Hexie

Hexie, 12631

Inspired by geometrical shapes, this luxurious gold geometric wallpaper comes in contrasting matte and pearlescent finishes. Hexie adds a touch of decadence to any design project or room with its glamorous silk texture emboss. 

Hexie, in this platinum finish colourway, is a wallpaper that can be found in our oh-so-premium Fantasia collection. Blending the understated with the ornate, this delightful edit is made with both sophistication and style in mind. 

Platinum, Lava

Gold Wallpaper - Platinum Lava

Lava, 11062

Inspired by an ‘oil & water’ design technique, Lava combines an oversized foil print with a subtly embossed texture for a gold foil accented wallpaper that is a magnificently bold and contemporary showstopper. This luxurious gold wallpaper demonstrates just how spectacular wallcoverings can be. 

Lava, which has been utilized in many luxury hospitality settings across the globe – including the world’s only 7* star hotel – enhances the opulence and elegance of any room. 

About Skopos Limited

Skopos Limited is a leading provider of high quality wallcoverings for high-end residential settings across Canada. We pride ourselves on European design, customer care and technical expertise. Skopos’ wallpapers are designed and manufactured by talented designers and technicians who work to ensure vibrancy of colors, exquisite designs, quality finishes and unmatched durability.

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