25 Patterned Wallpaper Designs That You’ll Love


25 Patterned Wallpaper Designs That You’ll Love

One of the most effective ways to add style and character to any contract or residential design is to add a striking patterned wallpaper design.

Below, we highlight 25 patterned wallpaper designs that are perfect for many types of commercial and residential applications. 

1. Boheme, Square

Square Patterned Wallpaper Design

Interlocking and overlapping geometric elements together with a vivacious assortment of colors define our quirky and offbeat Square patterned wallpaper design. 

2. Boheme, Glamour

Glamour Patterned Wallpaper Design

Utilizing lines and shading to create subtle prismatic shapes, Glamour is printed onto a metallic fibrous non woven vinyl. This patterned wallpaper design adds a touch of luxury to any space. 

3. Boheme, Braid

Braid Patterned Wallpaper Design

Our Braid patterned wallpaper design juxtaposing a timeless geometric print with a vibrantly ‘sunny’ palette for the perfect blend of order and optimism.

4. Essentials, Flowers

Flowers Patterned Wallpaper Design

Adorned with an exquisite bouquet of flowers, the intricately patterned style and pastel palette of this Flowers wallpaper adds a breath of fresh air to any design scheme. 

5. Essentials, Leaves

Leaves Patterned Wallpaper Design

Our Leaves design draws inspiration from remote islands and dense rainforests. This patterned wallpaper design juxtaposes shades of green to create a strong sense of perspective, transporting viewers away from everyday stresses and into its luxuriant verdure. 

6. Tahiti, Tropical Allover

Tropical Allover Patterned Wallpaper Design

Tropical Allover is a patterned wallpaper design that draws inspiration from the exotic flora and fauna of its French Polynesian namesake. This beautiful design offers delightful recreations of the tropical leaves, sandy beaches, lush greenery and exotic elements of our Tahiti range. 

7. Affinity, 3D Rhombus

3D Rhombus Patterned Wallpaper Design

A timeless patterned wallpaper that is inspired by the sleek and symmetrical nature of a 3D Rhombus design. It redefines the world of wallcoverings with its unique twist on shapes, colors and textures. 

8. Cantari, Delphine

Delphine Patterned Wallpaper Design

Delphine adds tapestry-like patterned elements to any design scheme. This floral wallpaper reworks historic designs in timeless trending colourways.

9. Deco, Empire State

Empire State Patterned Wallpaper Design

Empire State is a patterned wallpaper that embodies a 1920’s inspired Art Deco design, with its striking symmetry and elegance.

10. Decadence, Lyra

Lyra Patterned Wallpaper Design

Lyra looks glamorous and unique with its distressed background, shaded with varying metallic tones. This patterned wallpaper has a precise but abstract design scattered with thousands of beads that add definition and a contemporary finish.

11. Shangri-La, Yunnan

Yunnan Patterned Wallpaper Design

Agapanthus, otherwise referred to as ‘Lily Of The Nile’, inspired floral patterns adorn the surfaces of our beautiful Yunnan wallpaper design. 

12. Shangri-La, Skardu

Skardu Patterned Wallpaper Design

Incorporating exquisitely drawn passion flower vines, our Skardu patterned wallpaper design showcases the unusual blooms and colourful fruits that would have adorned its mythical namesake utopia. 

13. Geo, Escher

Escher Patterned Wallpaper Design

Escher depicts cubes descending into cubes to create a geometric patterned wallpaper. A vibrant palette further enhances this dramatic design.

14. Geo, Tangent

Tangent Patterned Wallpaper Design

Tangent turns a Herringbone design into something extraordinary! This patterned wallpaper is simply coloured in a variety of solid, classic, and bold colourways.

15. Geo, Vector

Vector Patterned Wallpaper Design

Lines and colour work together to create an angular wave design. Our patterned Vector wallpaper is given a soft glamorous touch by its pearlescent surface finish. 

16. Geo, Tracks

Tracks Patterned Wallpaper Design

Tracks’ linear styling in one colour onto a foil background provides a glamorous and tasteful patterned wallpaper for a range of design schemes.

17. Astoria, Water Bloom

Water Bloom Patterned Wallpaper Design

Bring the freshness of a large botanical patterned wallpaper into your design scheme with Water Bloom. This captivating floral wallcovering which has a hand painted beautiful watercolour style, is partnered with a gorgeous horizontal silk texture.

18. WM, LTD02470

LTD02470 Patterned Wallpaper Design

An exciting patterned wallpaper from our Wallmotion design range. LTD02470 depicts swaying palm trees with hand drawn detail and tonal colouration. This digital wallcovering will create an atmosphere of peace, rest and a calm pleasant atmosphere in any commercial or residential interior. 

19. WM, LTD00030

ltd00300 Patterned Wallpaper Design

LTD00300 has all the charm of an exposed brick wall in a patterned wallpaper design. Our Wallmotion range offers truly endless design possibilities. Our wallpaper has a lifelike pattern and colour, but also the texture of a real brick wall. 

20. Astoria, Frond

Frond Patterned Wallpaper Design

Frond depicts a pattern of delicate feathers that emboss its vinyl wallpaper surfaces. The glossy finish of the design adds glamor and luxury to any space. 

21. Chateau, Akiko

Akiko Patterned Wallpaper Design

Akiko showcases an intricate botanical patterned print that divulges a hand drawn quality and soft Mother Earth inspired tones. This wallpaper inspires a natural elegance. 

22. Chateau, Sakura

Sakura Patterned Wallpaper Design

Sakura is a floral patterned wallpaper that is unique in its ability to add character and breathe new life into any design scheme. 

23. Structures, Gilded

Introduce a visually striking patterned look and style your walls with our glamorous Gilded wallpaper design. This wallcovering emulates the organic beauty of wood veneer through print, oozing depth of colour and rich texture on any wall surface. 

24. Astoria, Trilogy

Trilogy Patterned Wallpaper Design

Bring colour and style to your walls with this fabulous triangle and diamond patterned geometric wallpaper design. Trilogy is printed over Muraspec’s popular fabric-inspired grounds which adds a subtle silky lustre – creating an amazing feature wallcovering for any contract or residential setting.

25. Daimon, Tonal Leaf 

Tonal Leaf Patterned Wallpaper Design

Our intricately patterned Tonal Leaf wallpaper adds a refreshing touch to any room design with its two-toned colourways and botanical print. 

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