20 Breathtaking Botanical & Floral Wallpaper Designs for a Spring Makeover


20 Breathtaking Botanical & Floral Wallpaper Designs for a Spring Makeover

What better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with a Spring makeover! One of the best ways to refresh and breathe new life into your space is with botanical and floral wallpapers. 

Below, we’ve highlighted 20 of our most breathtaking botanical and floral designs for a spring makeover. Our wallpapers are perfect for many types of commercial and residential applications. 

1. Blooming, Flower

Blooming Flower floral wallpaper

Blooming with a timeless elegance, our Flower wallpaper is an awe-inspiring floral design that adds charm, character and a refreshing breath of fresh air to any design scheme. 

2. Daimon, Flower

Daimon Flower floral wallpaper

Showcasing the vibrant beauty of nature, Flower tastefully blends graceful avifauna with a lush thicket of florals for a captivating floral wallpaper that captures the captivating beauty of the outdoors. 

3. Daimon, Leaf All Over

Daimon, Leaf All Over floral wallpaper

Leaf All Over takes a novel approach to flowers, vines and leaves present in the intrepid settings of forests and jungles. Available in pastel and vibrant colourways, this Daimon floral wallpaper adds a refreshing breath of fresh air to any design scheme. 

4. Daimon, Mural

Daimon floral wallpaper mural

Explore the ethereal beauty of the botanical garden with the amazing Gardens of our Daimon floral wallpaper. Daimon Mural adds a lifelike touch of nature and beauty to any space. It is a truly artistic mural wallpaper that depicts the flora & fauna present in the world’s most refreshing gardens. 

5. Essentials, Pastel Floral

Essentials, Pastel floral wallpaper

Pastel Floral is a beautifully composed centrepiece, perfect for a springtime inspired makeover. This floral wallpaper is PVC and Migration free, providing you with peace of mind that you are redesigning your interiors in an innovative and green way. 

6. Tahiti, Tropical Allover

Tahiti, Tropical Allover botanical and floral wallpaper

Transport yourself to a refreshing tropical island escape with the rich and vivid foliage of Tropical Allover. Depicting beautifully rich botanical and floral recreations of its French Polynesian namesake, this wallpaper is the perfect way to create your very own serene sanctuary. 

7. Tahiti, Tropical Leaves

Tahiti, Tropical Leaves botanical and floral wallpaper

Tropical Leaves draws inspiration from the lush florals and greenery of its namesake French Polynesian escape, transforming any space into a tropical retreat. The wallpaper redefines the world of wallcoverings with its tropical twist on floral and botanical design. 

8. Cantari, Salome

Cantari, Salome floral wallpaper

Embrace the beauty of nature with Salome, a floral wallpaper that is adorned with meandering Briar Roses. Brightly coloured flower heads trailing beautifully across countryside-inspired surfaces, creating a solution that adds charm and freshness to any design scheme. 

9. Cantari, Aoro

Cantari, Aoro floral wallpaper

Blossoming with a decorative arts and crafts look, the Aoro floral wallpaper brings a hand drawn ‘tapestry-like’ element to any room. 

10. Cantari, Delphine

Cantari, Delphine floral wallpaper

Delphine adds a bright and refreshing floral touch to any design scheme. This Cantari wallpaper reworks classic designs with trending colors, making it an easy, timelessly elegant piece for any space. 

11. Shangri-La, Gilgit

Shangri-La, Gilgit floral wallpaper

Gilgit can make your walls blossom with intricate vines that flourish to create exotic trellises. This floral wallpaper adds an ethereal touch of life to modern interiors. 

12. Shangri-La, Naran

Shangri-La, Naran floral wallpaper

Inspired by the world of botanical illustration, the hand-drawn quality of the Naran floral wallpaper adds a simple yet luxurious element to any space. Printed onto a lustrous background, this wallcovering comes in an array of elegant colourways. 

13. Shangri-La, Kachura

Shangri-La, Kachura floral wallpaper

Inspired by the mythical world of Shangri-La,  Kachura is a botanical wallpaper that brings to life the lost world by way of floral metaphors that would have adorned the valleys and surrounding peaks of its snowy mountains.

14. Paradise, Camila

Paradise, Camila floral wallpaper

Transporting you away to Paradise are the floral and botanical elements of our Camila wallpaper. Graceful flying birds, together with soft accent transform this print into a lifelike colour story for any design scheme. 

15. Cantari, Eden

Cantari, Eden floral wallpaper

Make your world blossom with our Eden design, a floral wallpaper that captures flower heads in impeccable detail through classic colouration and intricate shading. Part of our Cantari range, this design pays homage to the Arts & Crafts movement. 

16. WM, LTD01101

LTD01101 floral wallpaper

Welcoming you to the Kew Gardens is LTD01101, a digitally-printed wallcovering from our contract range. It excellently juxtaposes luxury with an air of mystery for a unique take on floral wallpaper design. 

17. Cantari, Avril

Cantari, Avril floral wallpaper

The beauty of the Avril wallpaper, adorned with a springtime inspired floral design, is that these breathtaking flowers will bloom on your walls all year around. 

18. Shangri-La, Maui

Shangri-La, Maui botanical and floral wallpaper

Maui transports us away to the tropical island retreats of the Pacific with its rich palm leaves, vibrant florals & botanicals and exotic colour palette. This Shangri-La wallpaper transforms any space into a heavenly retreat. 

19. Essentials, Fern

Essentials, Fern botanical and floral wallpaper

Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, the Fern wallpaper blends fiery tones with a beautiful florals & botanicals design to depict new beginnings. Bringing a unique twist of vibrance and excitement to the ‘bring outdoors in’ trend, this wallpaper breathes new life into any design scheme.

20. Essentials, Flowers 

Essentials, Flowers floral wallpaper

Adorned with whispers of fresh floral beauty, Flowers showcases an intricate wallpaper design and a revitalizing palette that create the perfect interior design solution for your springtime makeover. 

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