17 Striking Geometric Wallpaper Designs to Transform Your Space


17 Striking Geometric Wallpaper Designs to Transform Your Space

Geometric wallpaper designs are a great way to add texture, charm and character to any interior. 

Our wallcoverings range from subtle to bold, vibrant to subdued and are suitable for use in a variety of residential and contract settings. We can find geometric wallpapers in a range of styles from retro and vintage, to modern and minimalistic, and more. 

Below, we highlight 17 of our many geometric wallpapers that are sure to transform any design scheme. Our high quality solutions are perfect for all types of commercial and residential applications. 

1. Boheme, Braid

Braid geometric wallpaper design

Our Braid wallpaper perfectly juxtaposes a timeless geometric print with a vibrantly ‘sunny’ palette for a design that perfectly blends order and optimism. It is the ideal statement-ready solution for any design scheme.

2. Boheme, Glamour

Glamour geometric wallpaper design

Glamour adds a touch of luxury and charm to any interior. This geometric wallpaper design utilizes lines and shading to create subtle prismatic shapes. This design is printed onto a metallic fibrous non-woven vinyl.

3. Boheme, Square

Square geometric wallpaper design

Square is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a quirky and offbeat wallpaper for their space. This geometric wallpaper design brings together interlocking and overlapping shapes with an assortment of vibrant colourways. 

Boheme is a fun and eccentric Skopos wallcoverings collection. It includes nostalgic wallpaper designs from Art Deco & Glamour to unique vinyl, non woven solutions such as Labyrinth, Meander, Square & Plain Velvets. 

4. Daimon, 3D Square

Square geometric wallpaper design

Paving a path to securing its place as a must-have wallpaper, 3D Square is a geometric design that combines a trendy 3D diamond pattern with elegant colourways. This solution is the perfect statement piece for the modern design scheme. 

5. Daimon, Trellis

Trellis geometric wallpaper design

The epitome of a timeless classic, our Trellis geometric wallpaper adds depth and character to any residential design.. This Daimon solution is versatile in both its palette and application for feature walls or on an all over basis across many types of interiors. 

The Daimon range strikes the perfect balance between trendy and timeless with high-quality patterned wallcoverings that are must-haves in any residential setting. 

6. Essentials, Geometric

geometric wallpaper design

Geometric uses lines to create a subtle yet impactful wallpaper design that showcases 3D geometric shapes upon the textured surfaces of our Essentials range. 

The PVC & migration free Essentials range lets us design our residential settings in the most innovative and sustainable ways imaginable. 

7. Blooming, Blocks

Blocks geometric wallpaper design

An interlocking geometric print and a palette of sophisticated colourways define our Blocks wallpaper design. A popular wallpaper from our collection, this solution brings elements of warmth and luxury to any design scheme. 

8. Blooming, Square

Square geometric wallpaper design

Squares is the perfect wallpaper for the most ultramodern of design schemes. This wallpaper design brings together 3D rectangular geometrics with neutral shades of beiges, greys and blues. 

Our Blooming collection consists of ornate yet elegant wallpaper designs inspired by naturally occurring phenomenons. 

9. Geo, Cubism

cubism geometric wallpaper design

Inspired by the seminal works of Picasso, the Cubism geometric wallpaper design fragments colors through straight lined shapes that give an illusion of 3D forms.

10. Geo, Escher

Escher geometric wallpaper design

Escher showcases a striking geometric wallpaper design with cubes descending into cubes. Together with vibrant colourways, this design is a surefire way to add a dramatic effect to any design scheme. 

11. Geo, Fractal

Fractal geometric wallpaper design

Fractal showcases a simple, yet striking, triangular pattern that is continuously and creatively coloured with gradual tones. This undulating geometric wallpaper design from the Geo range is the perfect centrepiece for any design scheme.  

12. Geo, Tangent

Tangent geometric wallpaper design

Turning Herringbone on its axis, Tangent turns any ordinary space into an extraordinary masterpiece. This geometric wallpaper design is simply coloured in a variety of classic and bold colourways. 

13. Geo, Vector

Vector geometric wallpaper design

Vector gives a soft glamorous touch to any design scheme with pearlescent surface finishes. This geometric wallpaper brings lines and bold colors together to create a striking angular wave design. 

Geo showcases a range of expressive graphics, striking colourways and a perfectly abstract quality. This range features such designs as Cubism, Escher, Fractal, Tangent and Vector, all of which are highly sought after geometric wallpapers for many settings. 

14. Deco, Prismic

Prismic geometric wallpaper design

Reflecting a ‘Streamline Moderne’ approach to Art Deco design, the Prismic geometric wallpaper showcases striking geometric shapes juxtaposed with precise lines and resplendent colourways. 

The epitome of luxury, our Deco collection blends elegant, nostalgic and contrasting patterns, prints and colourways. This wallpaper range truly embodies the 1920s era with its array of striking geometric designs and Art Deco era inspired style. 

15. Astoria, Trilogy

Trilogy geometric wallpaper design

Bringing colour and pattern to your walls, Trilogy is a fabulous triangle and diamond themed geometric wallpaper design. Our subtle fabric inspired grounds add a subtle silky lustre, resulting in an amazing feature wall solution for any space. 

16. Structures, Gilded

Gilded geometric wallpaper design

Introducing some real visual glamor and style to your walls is our transformative Gilded wallcovering. This geometric wallpaper emulates the natural and organic beauty of wood veneer through a design that oozes depth, color and texture. 

17. Union, Symmetry

Symmetry geometric wallpaper design

Symmetry is a strikingly perfect geometric wallpaper design for any contract or hospitality setting. It features thin but precise lines and combines to form a sleek design. Together with the beautiful raw silk inspired texture, the interaction between the two structures works in harmony.

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