17 Popular Commercial Wallcoverings for Contract Interiors


17 Popular Commercial Wallcoverings for Contract Interiors

Commercial wallcoverings are a durable, cost effective and versatile way to add personality, character and elements of luxury to any setting. Wallcoverings are a great way to level up hospitality and leisure interiors, cruise ships, corporate offices and any other type of contract settings.

Our high-quality wallcoverings are a great solution for commercial spaces as, in addition to fulfilling aesthetic and functional needs, they meet the highest standards of performance, safety and cleanliness. 

All of our solutions are fire-rated, easy to clean and strippable. Simply put, they are completely safe and acceptable for use in high traffic and heavy usage settings such as hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and more. A vast majority of our solutions also come equipped with an antimicrobial treatment – making them all the more suitable for application in spaces that are used for long periods of time. 

In this article, we have curated 17 of our most popular commercial wallcoverings that are sure to add elements of interest, character and personality to any type of setting. These solutions are perfect for any type of contract or residential design schemes. 

1. Structures, Gilded

Gilded Commercial Wallcovering

Gilded introduces visual glamor and style to your contract interiors by emulating the organic beauty of wood veneer. 

This commercial wallcovering – through printed detail and an inlaid geometric pattern – oozes depth, color and texture for the contemporary design scheme. 

2. Platinum, Burnish

Burnish Commercial Wallcovering

Oozing a visually striking effect with its metallic foil and matte ink patina styling is our Burnish commercial wallcovering. 

Moody vintage, metallic colourways together with flashes of metallic foil highlights make this a wallcovering of choice for any hospitality or contract setting. This popular design has been used in a number of hospitality, leisure and restaurant settings. 

3. Meteor, Cosmia

Cosmia Commercial Wallcovering

Our commercial wallcovering simulates a hand crocheted lace printed onto a luxurious metallic background. Cosmia, as the name suggested, is available in a rich palette that exudes a calm radiance. 

This delicate print cleverly captures the intricate textures of a lace and displays a uniquely beautiful presence on the wall. 

4. Union, Insignia

Insignia Commercial Wallcovering

Insignia is a visually striking wallcovering that is truly timeless in its commercial and business application. 

This large chevron pattern, printed over a rich textile etched background, is the perfect way to style your walls and create a bold impact. 

5. Astoria, Frond

Frond Commercial Wallcovering

Frond, imprinted with its mesmeric feather pattern is one of our most popular commercial wallcoverings.

This solution has a delicate sheen that is juxtaposed with strong base colors, making its embossed pattern appear slightly more raised. It is a simple yet classy nature-inspired design that works well for all types of contract settings. 

6. Castilla, Granada

Granada Commercial Wallcovering

Granada is an elegant striped-style wallcovering that combines an array of bold and neutral colors, which work together to create a timeless solution for hospitality, leisure and other commercial settings. 

This wallpaper lends itself to senses of luxury, calm and mental well-being. 

7. Union, Osaka Blossom

Osaka Blossom Commercial Wallcovering

Interwoven with elegant and unforgettable floral trails, Osaka Blossom is a wallcovering design that is ideal for a refined commercial design, such as a luxurious hotel or other such hospitality setting. 

8. Astoria, Bark

Bark Commercial Wallcovering

Bark is embossed with ‘tree-bark’ textures that are our stylish take on the ‘bring outside in’ design trend. This wallcovering adds an elegant, relaxed and organic atmosphere to any commercial design scheme. 

A popular solution, this wallcovering has been utilized in a number of hospitality, corporate and business settings across the globe. 

9. Union, Oakwood

Oakwood Commercial Wallcovering

Oakwood captures the pure rawness and natural beauty of aged bark, new-in to our contract collection. 

This sumptuous wallcovering is built to stand the test of time in aesthetics, performance and safety in all commercial applications.  

10. Union, Plaster

Plaster Commercial Wallcovering

Plaster is a subtle yet sleek way to introduce charm and character to any type of commercial setting. 

This wallcovering design has a palpable ‘plaster-like’ effect that is ideal for any contemporary design scheme. 

11. Union, Segment

Segment is a wide-width wallcovering that is a fantastic way to add a modern twist to any commercial design scheme. 

Printed onto a subtle textile print ground, this is a popular wallcovering choice for many types of contract settings with its sleek yet understated linear geometric print and subtly textured surfaces. 

12. Union, Orissa

Orissa Commercial Wallcovering

Orissa is the epitome of elegance and style with its emulation of the textures and depth of colors of natural silks. 

This wide-width commercial wallcovering uses modern prints to lustrous finishes to create a look that is perfect for the most luxurious finishes. 

13. Fardis, Garbo

The Gilded era featured marble extensively from ornaments through architecture to building interiors. Garbo takes a stone finish to a new level of sophistication, elegance and luxury with its marble-look finishes. 

This commercial wallcovering uses lavish foils as a base before digitally-printing this marble print in an array of colors. An expressive solution, this design has been utilized in a number of hospitality and leisure settings. 

14. Platinum, Lava

Lava Commercial Wallcovering

Lava is our most popular wallcovering, combining an oversized foil print with subtle embossed textures for magnificent, visually striking, and bold contemporary finishes for any commercial design scheme. 

This showstopper is characterized by an oil & water design technique and demonstrates just how spectacular yet intricate wallcoverings can be. The epitome of elegance and luxury, this design has been utilized in a number of leisure and hospitality settings across the globe, including the world’s only 7-star hotel brand. 

15. Union, Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk Commercial Wallcovering

Exuding luxury from its beautiful and versatile surfaces is Mulberry Silk, our silk textured commercial wallcovering that brings style, sheen and panache to any residential or commercial setting. 

This design has all the qualities one expects of natural silk, going so far as to achieve a natural paneled effect when installed. Together with the added benefit of durability and antimicrobial protection, this solution will stand the test of time in any hospitality, leisure or otherwise commercial setting on looks and performance. 

16. Astoria, Water Bloom

Water Bloom Commercial Wallcovering

Bringing the freshness of large botanical prints into your design is our stunning new-in Water Bloom commercial wallcovering. 

This captivating floral design features a gorgeous hand-painted watercolor style and is partnered with an opulent silk texture. 

17. Astoria, Trilogy

Trilogy Commercial Wallcovering

Add character to your settings with Trilogy, our stylish new triangle and diamond patterned design. 

This commercial wallcovering is printed over one of our popular fabric inspired grounds which adds a subtle silky lustre. This colourful design is a bold way to add an amazing feature wall to any room. 

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