15 Eye-Catching Patterned Wallpapers for Your Space


15 Eye-Catching Patterned Wallpapers for Your Space

One of the best and most effective ways to refresh your home with interest and character is to add eye-catching patterned wallpapers. 

You are no longer limited to only the classic patterns and styles of history. You can now have any conceivable print on style on your walls. If you can envision it, be it anything from animal print to modern classics, botanical illustrations, statement geometrics and/or striking abstracts, it can be created by our skilled team of designers. 

Below, we highlight our most distinctive patterned wallpapers and contract wallcoverings that are perfect for application in any imaginable space or design project. 

Animal Patterned Wallpaper Designs 

A unique set of patterned wallpapers composed of delightful reimaginings of tropical leaves, exotic foliage and nature most elegance beings which bring together elements of mystery, harmony and unity. 

Flamingo Patterned Wallpaper

1. Essentials, Flamingo 

Every so often we have to remind ourselves to live a well balanced life – enter the Flamingo wallpaper. This patterned wallpaper combines tropical leaves, graceful flamingos and vibrant tones to transport us away to paradise.

Tropical Animal Patterned Wallpaper

2. Essentials, Tropical Animals 

This show-stopping wallpaper draws on tropical wildlife and jungle scenery, juxtaposing a Tropical Animals pattern against the backdrop of tropical or rainforest inspired verdure for a captivating design. 

Panther Patterned Wallpaper

3. Blooming, Panther 

Depicting one of nature’s elegant predators, the Panther wallpaper’s pattern and palette showcase mystery, harmony and unity – concepts that are well sought after in the world of interior design. 

Leopard Print Patterned Wallpaper

4. Deco, Desire

Our ‘Desire’ wallpaper presents a leopard patterned print with an elegant twist. Its soft palette brings the glamor of the 20’s for today’s interior design trends.

Our Deco range is the epitome of luxury with its blend of elegant and nostalgic prints and colourways. This patterned wallpaper range truly embodies the Art Deco era with its range of ‘Streamline Moderne’ inspired styles. 

Classic Patterned Wallpaper Designs 

Patterned Moire Wallpaper

5. Elan, Moire 

Available in a variety of organic tones, Moire is a beautifully imagined water patterned wallpaper design. 

Patterned Cartagena Wallpaper

6. Castilla, Cartagena

Our patterned Cartagena wallpaper that showcases intricate damasks, delightful textures and an iridescent palette that is the quintessence of luxury and opulence.

Granada Patterned Wallpaper

7. Castilla, Granada

Granada showcases sophisticated textile archive-influenced stripes that turn this classic pattern into a timeless wallpaper. 

Patterned Salmanca Wallpaper

8. Castilla, Salamanca

Salamanca showcases hand-drawn floral trails and an elegantly crafted Damask print inspired by classics of times past. It is a true classic for a timelessly luxurious patterned wallpaper.

Castilla offers delightful textures and colorful finishes for a luxury patterned wallpaper collection. The Castilla range showcases a blend of modern stripes, regal damasks and a Japanese blossom floral trail. 

Botanical Patterned Wallpaper Designs 

Botanical and floral prints are the most versatile and effective ways to refresh, add character to, or liven up a room. These patterned wallpapers are small but effective and ‘wow-factor’ ways to make changes to any interior design. 

Paradise Camila Patterened Wallpaper

9. Paradise, Camila

The Camila wallpaper depicts an orchard of floral patterned elements adorned with graceful flying birds that truly transport you away to utopia. Soft accents of sunlit yellows, rosy pinks and leafy greens create ‘Paradise’ color stories for any interior design.

Gilgit Patterned Wallpaper

10. Shangri-La, Gilgit

Intricate glorious vines flourish to create the exotic trellises of Gilgit, a floral patterned wallpaper with a modern twist.  

Inspired by the mythical world of Shangri-La, this patterned wallpaper collection brings to life the lost world by way of floral metaphors that would have adorned the valleys and surrounding peaks of its snowy mountains.   

Fern Patterened Wallpaper

11. Essentials, Fern

Fern is an intricately designed wallpaper that blends fiery tones with a floral patterned print  to depict new beginnings, like a phoenix emerging from the ashes. It is a unique twist on design that brings an element of excitement and breathes new life into any interior design. 

Geometric Patterned Wallpaper Designs 

This truly unique set of patterned wallpapers showcase expressive graphics, dramatic colourways and a perfectly striking geometric quality.

Patterned Venn Wallpaper

12. Geo, Venn

A measurement of force – Venn uses the weight of color and the crossover of lines to create a unique stylised patterned wallpaper. We offer this wallcovering design in complementary color combinations.

If you’re looking for quality wallpapers with abstract patterns, the Geo collection might be the one for you. This range consists of such designs as Prismic, Cubism and Shard, all of which are highly sought after patterned wallpapers for many interior settings.

Patterned Blovck Wallpaper

13. Blooming, Blocks

Blocks showcases an interlocked geometric print in a sophisticated palette of colors. This patterned wallpaper adds luxury and warmth to any design scheme.

Abstract Patterned Wallpaper Designs 

Our vinyl, non-woven abstract patterned wallcoverings redefine the word “wallpaper” with its exquisite shapes, statement-ready finishes and rich colourways. 

Patterned Cashmere Wallpaper

14. Boheme, Cashmere

Intricately detailed paisley wall murals from our Boheme collection. Cashmere is a patterned wallpaper that is printed onto metallic fibrous non woven vinyl. This iridescent design adds a touch of opulence and beauty to any space. 

Rivendell Deco Patterned Wallpaper

14. Deco, Rivendell

Theatrical and full of Art Deco character, the Rivendell wallpaper has a stepped patterned look that is reminiscent of 1920s architecture formed from long vertical lines and curved arches.

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