10 Elegant Black Wallpaper To Transform Your Home In 2023


10 Elegant Black Wallpaper To Transform Your Home In 2023

In 2023, we are looking to bring elegance and luxury to our homes. What is the number one way to add style to any interior design scheme? Add touches of black throughout your space. 

We have curated a collection of elegant black wallpapers from both our in-house design team and exclusive Ted Baker wallcoverings, created in close collaboration with the design house. Our wallpaper is sure to bring depth, luxury and elegance to your next design project. 

As you can see from our selection below, we offer various classic and modern European designs, patterns and finishes that are suitable to any number of aesthetic and functional needs. We even do bespoke – so if you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Let us know if our sophisticated black wallpapers inspire your next interior design project. 

Black Wallpaper: Paradise, Carmen

Paradise, Carmen Black Wallpaper Design

Carmen, 10883

Incredibly detailed illustrations of peacocks encapsulate the ‘Paradise’ inspired Carmen wallpaper. This black wallpaper is digital printing onto a matte background and adds an unmistakably ethereal feature to any design. 

Black Wallpaper: Geo, Vector

Geo Vector Black Wallpaper Design

Vector, 12017

Vector features lines and colors that work together to create an angular waves design. This black wallpaper adds an elegant monochromatic touch by way of its pearlescent surface finishes. 

Black Wallpaper: Daimon, Forrest

Daimon Forrest Black Wallpaper Design

Forrest, DA23224

The piece de resistance of Daimon, Forrest is an abstract wallpaper depicting the enigma of forests. The wallpaper’s mysterious black palette, together with depictions of forest wildlife, allows it to become the perfect ‘wow’ factor for any room. 

Black Wallpaper: Affinity, 3D Blocks 

Affinity 3D Blocks Black Wallpaper Design

3D Blocks, 24521

3D Blocks is a sophisticated black wallpaper inspired by the sleek and symmetrical nature of 3D geometric shapes. This unique design is part of our Affinity collection, which redefines wallcoverings with its unique geometric shapes, abstract concepts and exquisite textured designs. 

Black Wallpaper: Illusion by Ted Baker London 

Illusion Ted Baker Black Wallpaper Design

Illusion, 13159

A natural Illusion like no other, the elegance of this black wallpaper is that it captures the Passion flower in full bloom; it is the perfect statement for any scheme. Long vines wrap and flow organically, delicately painted to celebrate the floral wallpaper’s glorious and unique structure. 

Black Wallpaper: Leafit by Ted Baker London 

Leafit Ted Baker Black Wallpaper Design

Leafit, 13075

Leafit showcases a detailed composition of banana and palm leaves that transport you to the tropics and back in elegant style. This wallcovering celebrates nature, and offsets with shades of black. This is one mysterious adventure your home setting won’t want to miss out on.

Black Wallpaper: Carmel by Ted Baker London 

Carmel Ted Baker Black Wallpaper Design

Carmel, 13070

As it depicts high-contrast silhouettes of bamboo at dusk, this evocative and sophisticated black wallpaper also symbolizes beauty and strength through an elegant two-toned print. Carmel brings a sense of wonder to any interior design.

Black Wallpaper: Horizon by Ted Baker London 

Horizon Ted Baker Black Wallpaper Design

Horizon, 12496

Horizon is a hand-painted design that captures a mysterious setting and a scenic horizon. Graphic colour-blocking and dense repeats add an exciting and rich contrast to this statement-ready and tropical-inspired black wallpaper. 

Black Wallpaper: Hibiscus by Ted Baker London 

Hibiscus Ted Baker Black Wallpaper

Hibiscus, 12476

The hand-painted and vintage-inspired elements of this atmospheric black wallpaper colourways draw on themes of tropical wildlife and mysterious jungle scenery. A layering of flowers over scenic shadows works elegantly with softer tones to add a strong sense of depth and perspective to the timeless and ever-popular Hibiscus.

Shangri-La, Maui

Shangri La Maui Foil Black Wallpaper

Maui, 117007

This black wallpaper depicts the palm leaves and exotic palettes of tropical worlds in the Pacific. Maui transforms any space into an elegant retreat of epic proportions.

About Skopos Limited

Skopos Limited is a leading provider of high quality wallcoverings for high-end residential settings across Canada. We pride ourselves on European design, customer care and technical expertise. Skopos’ wallpapers are designed and manufactured by talented designers and technicians who work to ensure vibrancy of colours, exquisite designs, quality finishes and unmatched durability.

Amongst our core values is ‘Outstanding Service’. Our sales team has experience working with architects, specifiers and interior designers across the design community, delivering small and large-scale projects to timelines and budgets. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals, whether we are following their standardized templates or creating something out of the ordinary.

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