10 Stylish Commercial Wallpaper Ideas For Any Office Space


10 Stylish Commercial Wallpaper Ideas For Any Office Space

Commercial wallpaper is a great way to level up contract settings such as law firms, financial institutions, startups and more. In the case of corporate offices, specifically, one of the benefits the solution offers is enhanced productivity, creating a calm, engaging or energizing atmosphere based on the functional and aesthetic needs. It also fulfills other needs such as durability, maintenance and hygiene. 

Commercial quality wallpaper is a great solution as, in addition to fulfilling the basic aesthetic needs, this product is fire rated – meeting most building codes – easy to clean, strippable and, in our case, many come treated with antibacterial properties. This makes them safe for application in high traffic, heavy usage settings that are used for long periods of time. 

Commercial Wallpaper #1: Trilogy

Trilogy Commercial Wallpaper

Trilogy, 13231

Insignia is a great way to add an engaging & energizing feature to your offices with its combination of colors and fabulous triangle and diamond geometrics. This commercial wallpaper is printed over one of our popular fabric inspired grounds, which add a subtle silky lustre to the design. 

Commercial Wallpaper #2: Gilded

Gilded Commercial Wallpaper

Gilded, 13257

Introduce some real visual glamor and an energizing touch to your commercial interiors with our one-of-a-kind Gilded wallpaper. Emulating the natural and organic beauty of wood veneer through print detail, this contemporary geometric inlay pattern oozes depth, colour, and texture.

Commercial Wallpaper #3: Oakwood

Oakwood Commercial Wallpaper

Oakwood, 13216

Capturing the pure rawness and natural beauty of aged bark, Oakwood has been carefully created by hand as an artwork in the studio, before being produced in our manufacturing facility. With the added benefit of durability, and built-in antimicrobial protection, this wide-width commercial wallpaper is the perfect way to add a calming nature-inspired touch to your office settings. 

Commercial Wallpaper #4: Tuscan

Tuscan Commercial Wallpaper
Tuscan Commercial Wallpaper

Tuscan 12941 & 12940

Likened to a soft concrete effect, Tuscan is a new wide width wallpaper that can be used widely in commercial settings such as corporate offices, hotels and other workplace settings to add subtle movement to walls. Designed to capture the appeal of a more industrial look, this durable, and built-in antibacterial product is available in a range of colors from beautiful chalky off whites to heavier charcoal.  

Commercial Wallpaper #5: Wallmotion Digital Wallcoverings

Digital Commercial Wallpaper

We offer the best digital wallcovering service around, our digital design experts will work with you to create beautiful results. If you have your own design we will make sure it’s amazing. If not we can bring your idea to life. Our design and print teams will take your concept and amaze you or choose one of our readymade exclusive commercial grade wallpapers from WallMotion.

Commercial Wallpaper #6: Elixir

Elixir Commercial Wallpaper

Elixir, 14115

Created by hand using artisan techniques, fine-grained paulownia wood is cut, spliced and digitally-printed to form the beautifully tactile, interlocking geometric Elixir. As it retains the authentic burl and ripple characteristics of paulownia wood, this natural and unique commercial wallpaper offers an elegance and beauty, accentuated in its finish with slender shiny lines of gold leaf burnished along precise edges of the pattern. Elixir is simple yet majestic, adding real luxury and warmth to your commercial office interiors.

Commercial Wallpaper #7: Orissa

Orissa Commercial Wallpaper

Orissa, 10950

Emulating the texture of natural silks and characterized by a depth of colour, the timeless Orissa is the epitome of stunning style and a calming work environment. A clever use of modern prints and subtle yet lustrous finishes, together with a rich and neutral palette, create a wallpaper perfect for the most refined of commercial interiors.

Commercial Wallpaper #8: Knightwood

Knightwood Commercial Wallpaper
Knightwood Commercial Wallpaper

Knightwood 12855 & 12851

A wide-width wallcovering, Knightwood is created to show excellent detail and shading to create a highly authentic wood grain effect for your walls. This commercial wallpaper provides an on-trend look to pull together a desirable and contemporary style that’s both effortlessly chic and delivers on the rustic, bringing the calming ‘outdoors-in’ appeal that many employers are looking to employ. 

Commercial Wallpaper #9: Santiago

Santiago Commercial Wallpaper

Santiago, 12912

A harmonious combination of texture and horizontal print working together to create a grass linen impression in the stylish but contract-grade Santiago. Simple but classic in its styling, this antimicrobial-treated commercial wallpaper offers a subtle pattern to give walls delicate interest through a palette of tasteful colour options.

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