10 Bewitching Bathroom Wallpapers Ideas


10 Bewitching Bathroom Wallpapers Ideas

Revivifying Your Bathroom With Wallpaper

As we finally shed the gloomy winter season, we yearn to refresh our interiors with a much needed breath of fresh air. Making over your bathroom interiors is a fantastic way to uplift our body, minds and soul and banish that chilly feeling that may still be haunting your homes.

Wallpapers are one of the best and most efficient ways in which you can add this enlivening atmosphere of coziness to your space in ways that are truly unique to you. 

Below, we highlight our top 10 bathroom wallpapers ideas! Let us know if any of these interest and intrigue you.

1. Enchanted, Hibiscus by Ted Baker

Hibiscus, from our exclusive Enchanted range, is one such bathroom-friendly wallpaper that utilizes vintage patterns and hand-painted illustrations to create a transformative masterpiece. This wallpaper is characterized by layerings of organic flora over mesmerizing jungly scenery. Working together with soft tones, this Ted Baker wallpaper transports us to a far away tropical paradise. 

Hibiscus, 12470

2. Paradise, Carmen

Carmen is an exquisite Paradise inspired wallpaper that can transform any bathroom interior into a rejuvenating retreat with its vivid foliage and graceful nestled peacocks. Its characteristically blissful tones add another element of ethereal beauty to any bathroom design scheme. 

Carmen, 10883

3. Enchanted, Vanilla by Ted Baker

The soft lilacs and rusts of this delicate Enchanted wallpaper add a whimsical beachside air to any bathroom. The organic repeat, a blurred focus and the ethereal fil-coupé florals of Vanilla is exactly the solace we need after this spectacularly chilly winter. 

Vanilla, 12486

4. Eden, Treetops by Ted Baker London

The dense canopy and playful silhouettes in the Treetops print evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue. The muted sophistication of the two colour tones and photographic level of detail elevates the tropical Eden print into a beautifully intricate wallpaper that is perfect for any size of bathroom suite.  

Treetops, 13054

5. Essentials, Leaves

Leaves draws inspiration from remote islands and dense rainforests to breathe fresh air into any bathroom design. This wallpaper juxtaposes shades of green to create a strong sense of perspective, transporting viewers away from everyday stresses and into its luxuriant verdure. Being PVC-free and migration free, the Essentials range lets us rest assured that we are designing our interiors in an innovative and green way. 

Leaves, EE22534

6. Shangri La, Maui

When we think of reinvigorating bathroom wallpaper ideas, the palm leaves of Maui, Shangri La are the first things that awaken our imagination. Inspired by a mythical utopia of Shangri-La, this collection brings to life the lost paradise by way of floral metaphors that would have adorned its valleys and peaks.    

Maui, 117066

7. Shangri La, Naran

If you are envisioning an understated yet elegant aesthetic, Naran is the perfect bathroom-friendly wallpaper for your design. This Shangri La wallpaper is characterized by hand-drawn botanical illustrations printed onto a lustrous pearlescent backing. 

Naran, 117018

8. Enchanted, Suitcase Stripe by Ted Baker 

Suitcase Stripe is a versatile striped Ted Baker wallpaper that can bring an effortlessly Enchanted touch to any bathroom design scheme. 

Suitcase Stripe, 12492

9. Eden, Carmel by Ted Baker

The high contrast silhouettes and ‘bamboo at dusk’ print of Ted Baker’s Carmel wallpaper are a sure-fire way to transform any bathroom into a refreshing oasis. Airy and sophisticated, this evocative Eden wallpaper symbolizes beauty, strength and a sense of wonder in one luxurious tonal print. 

Carmel, 13065

10. Fantasia, Kingdom by Ted Baker London

Yes, this Fantasia wallpaper is sure to make quite the unique statement. This spellbinding wallpaper is printed onto tinted foil embossed with baroque style silk textures, and contains meticulous metallic detailing. True to its name, the ornate and vintage inspired Kingdom wallpaper whisks you off to a world of opulence and glamor within the familiar comforts of your own bathroom interior design. 

Kingdom, 12587

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